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  1. I think I bought the wrong truck

    JMO 20.2 average, 12k miles after nearly a year, 20 min commute home to office. I'm rarely in the field anymore. I'd consider a next-gen Ranger if they come out with a hybrid. Had a HEMI, kinda still do b/c my son drives my 11 y.o 1500 now. Love to go fast but love saving money more these days...
  2. Window Seal Fit

    Similar to how my r/r looked, only worse. sorry it was last year and I didn't save any pix.
  3. Window Seal Fit

    I asked my guy if they had a loaner b/c I fully expected it to be an all-day drop thing. He laughed and said 1/2 hour max...granted I was the 1st guy there on that day but no way they had to take the door apart in that amount of time, I dont care how good a tech he was... Been pretty happy with...
  4. Window Seal Fit

    all good.
  5. Window Seal Fit

    I had the same problem on mine but on the drivers rear door, it also appeared like it just needed to be reseated. It would not though, my neighbor who has never owned a new car in his live wanted to goop it up with weatherstrip glue..which is a noble pursuit to solve someone elses problem [the...
  6. Help!!!! Dealer forgot coolant Cap!!!

    thats the exact reason they can keep their worthless 'points' & freebie oil changes! Only warranty work...and after that I always inspect before I leave the lot. I've had mud guards torn off, oil cap left off, lug nuts rounded out and way over torqued on...and on. Not to mention the filth they...
  7. 2wd vs. 4wd

    thats interesting are they lighter steel or the pressboard they use on the car-line?
  8. 2wd vs. 4wd

    JMO I grew up in the Chicago suburbs with 2wd/fwd. Finally 20 years ago I bought my first 4x4 and I'm NEVER going back as long as I live and travel through the Midwest. I know there is a huge amount of anti-AWD/4x4 folks and thats fine. Its a personal choice.
  9. Ford Ranger Thunder Edition Introduced For Europe

    My turn... Dont like the bed-air foil thing, or the red accents, or the cargo rails... I would like a 'midnight' version like the bow-tie group did, sort-of.. [3] colors offered: Black, Magnetic Metallic & Dark Blue would have blacked out trim, rims and accents. darker rear windows... Plus a...
  10. First Tow!

    Great looking RV! post some pix of that, nice size!! :)
  11. Ford Phased Restart of Production

    good to hear, maybe I will be able to get some accessories for the 2020 escape hybrid I got for the wife last month!
  12. Here Jeep Goes Again

    that's what i hear, just commenting on the pix tho, nice one!
  13. My New 2019 XLT Requires a Paint Job

    the paint on mine is not very durable, the front is a rock-chip magnet. I'm at 11k now. My guy at the stealership told me 50-60k is a good time to trade for max dollars. Might just do that, at least consider it. Much past that and I'll end up keeping it over 100k. Not gonna dump a lot of...
  14. Done!

    You know that guy too? I was pump'n gas last week and he told me I had a 'Purdy Mouth...I gave him the $5 bucks I owed his momma and said it was so she can get her shirt cleaned... :)
  15. Got a picture of the “ take a rest “

    Would it be inappropriate to ask my stealership to re-flash my ECM so my 'go home and get a BJ' light goes on?
  16. Here Jeep Goes Again

    I've always like a modest 2dr version! Though living in IL it would be like driving around a tent for six months a year..
  17. Are Tailgate Dampeners Frowned On Around Here?

    dude watch where you are pointing that thing! and for godsakes keep it clean [earwax]... :)
  18. AWE 0FG Exhaust Review and Experience

    Ok, looks like it was a great experience for you that paid off with an exhaust system. I've had plenty of quick vehicles over the years and a few that sounded 'quicker' than they actually were. For me and folks like me who are naturally cheap & not inclined to take off new parts and replace...
  19. Are Tailgate Dampeners Frowned On Around Here?

    First of all Glock gen3 23 is about my fave firearm of all time. Its like it was made just for me... I dont mind a dampener that actually works, I've seen too many bad ones and the gate on my Ranger is amazingly light compared to my '09 ram. So i personally have no need for it...