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  1. PowerStep Electric Running Boards

    Thank you! Yes, I had to drill a hole just forward of the Amp Idler arm up into the cab to feed the two purple wires that attach tot he OBD II dongle. It also comes with a rubber grommet to somewhat seal the hole. After the video, I put some silicone sealant on the wires just inside the...
  2. PowerStep Electric Running Boards

    I actually haven't installed the lights yet, I picked up a set of bright true white lights from Amazon (didn't like the blue hue of the AMP lights) instead and was thinking of mounting them to the frame as well.
  3. PowerStep Electric Running Boards

    Hey, thats a nice video! haha, thanks for posting it - i just put it up in my build thread too. If anyone has questions, lemme know!
  4. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    Well, it would seem being quarantined at home makes me buy things for the Ranger... I got my AMP Research PowerSteps installed a few days ago and I have an AWE Exhaust on the way! Below is an install vid for the steps! Thanks @Stage3Motorsports !
  5. FORScan Speedo Calibration for larger tires

    Does changing tire size this way also generate a DTC without throwing a check engine light or does this get around the DTC issue that was caused by manually editing as-built data?
  6. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    So, I did a thing. I didn't want to spend $140 on some A-pillar / Hood mount brackets, so I designed some in Autodesk Fusion 360, 3d printed it until it was right and then chopped and bent some metal. 3d print in progress: Test fitting the 3d printed piece Printed...
  7. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    Thanks Bryan! Considering I lifted the truck 3.5" and the wife is 4'8"ish, yeah I needed some sort of step heh. I agree that steps should disappear into the truck when not in use. I can't wait to get them on and in use, they should be shipping within a week or so, and of course I'll have an...
  8. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    Forgot to post these when I drove up to Big Bear a few weeks back but...
  9. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    These may or may not be on order right now. ;)
  10. Dashcam Install

    Hey Josh, So step 1 would be to make sure that you have actually used fuse 37 and not one adjacent to it. If possible, check the output of the fuse holder to make sure the voltage is going to zero when the truck is off. After checking that, make sure that parking mode is enabled in the app and...
  11. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    Got mine from here And its the same as a factory fill. :thumbsup:
  12. LED Bed Lights

    No I didn't. No bed lights yet.
  13. BDS 6" IFS Lift Systems - Now Available

    Looks like these are available again. :like:
  14. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    Fixed in 3.4 you say? Is that why my version number updated properly? :bandit:
  15. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    did you give it like 2 or 3 minutes before restarting?
  16. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    There's an option in the dash menus "auto engine off". Uncheck that box and it won't turn off while idling.
  17. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    The Focus was already updated to 118, but not by traditional means :D
  18. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    I didn't wanna scare anyone off but yeah, don't start this unless your able to let your truck sit there idling, or go for a drive for at max 2 hours. Looking at the time stamp of the picture I took when I started, it seems it was about 1h40m to complete. Did you get yours completed okay?
  19. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    Past a certain date cutoff, map updates turn into a paid update. For my '16 Focus RS they're asking $104 for the download... lol no thanks. Regarding the time it took to update, it was well over an hour. I turned off the "auto engine off" in settings so it wouldn't shut down while idling in...