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  1. Lost my GPS antenna in the car wash!

    Hi Mathew, We actually do a carwash test as part of the development of a new vehicle. The Ranger passed the carwash testing. There are many car washes in the Detroit area and the prototypes are run through these car washes time and time again, including video if there is a problem and there...
  2. Bad Vibrations

    Hi Larry, What frequency do you show on your NVH software? There will be a huge difference in driveline frequency at 70mph than tires and should guide you. Tire balance is 1st order, Tire out of round (ovality) is 2nd order and driveline will be a magnitude above this by about 3.73 or what...
  3. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Hi MM7, I doubt the tune will do much in the way of engine degradation. Sort of a oxymoron to have a light touch on the accelerator pedal and want more pep... You will have to keep up with the K&N filter as it is not nearly as effective as a OEM filter for engine wear. I do not like K&N...
  4. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Hi Benny, Ordered....sorry it took about 30 seconds to complete the transaction, otherwise I would have done it sooner! :like: You folks are top drawer! best, Phil
  5. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Hi Benny, Does this make sense to order the step bar fillers from you to ship to Green Valley Arizona? VKB3Z-99279D36-B might be something I have to think about but really do like the parts. Let me know what you think, Best, Phil
  6. 2019 XLT FX4 - Clunk on Stop and Acceleration

    HI Tom, I would try this myself as a DYI but I would use a Molly grease, not Lithium grease which does not hold up in my opinion. Just make sure to clamp the boot securely with another Ford band clamp or a very narrow tangential screw clamp so as to not affect balance. Damn Dana quality at...
  7. Ground Effects?

    Hi Rick, I am going to show my weakness for the 5G in that many joints like this pinch weld flange are lined with a seam sealer prior to spot welding and I suspect this is the case here, but IKD for sure and hesitate to state this is a sealed joint as I am not in the know. Therefore I would...
  8. Ground Effects?

    Hi Chris, FYI.....That exposed flange is called a Pinch Weld Flange.... Best, Phil
  9. Boomba dress up kit installed(mostly)

    Hi Jake, Not my cup of tea either but is for some folks... If just colored maybe, but with the name Crapba on it...Forget it. Summit or JEG'S...maybe but even that is a stretch... best, Phil
  10. My first Ranger

    Hi Brian, Your Ranger is latest in a long line of Rangers since 1982 that have delivered for the customer and I hope this Ranger delivers for you. There is a long heritage of Built Ford Tough.... Best, Phil
  11. Oil Change - DIY

    Hi JB, You are asking a very good question and I do not have the answer to it. Impossible on a oil change to do a dry thread torque. Frankly, I do not bother...just tighten until it "feels" tight. I also reuse the plug...I know folks that replace it every oil change.... I am only on my...
  12. Oil Change - DIY

    Okay, CT From where did you get this container? Who makes it? best, Phil
  13. Leaking from front differential at ~1100 miles

    Hi Sean, It took almost 3 months after my daughter's Escape was scraped down the drivers side by a junker of a vehicle from the bowels of Detroit. Then they needed a trim piece to complete the $5,000 repair...Took another six weeks to get the left rear door trim. Parts back orders are flat...
  14. Boomba dress up kit installed(mostly)

    Hi Brandon, Looks like you did not replace they 710 cap either... best, Phil
  15. So Captain Kirk is going to space

    Hi Folks, We have a company in Tucson, the facility of which was funded by the Pima County taxpayers that was going to launch a near space adventure using a huge balloon filled with Hydrogen to launch a gondola into near space where the balloon expoldes and the gondola and "parachute" then...
  16. Poor towing experience

    Hi RP, That is why it is displayed up on top of the bookcase.... best, Phil
  17. Project Msfitoy V3.0

    HI Sid, Did not see this one....I was in the midst of trying to get the NVH basket case called the AWD Aerostar fixed. Powertrain bending was terrible on this package....Trying to get it fixed required a bunch of Modal Analyses which showed the Powertrain flexure modes at various frequencies...