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  1. Cost of Regular vs. Premium Fuel

    We were doing pretty good around here for average gas prices. Just this past week took a massive jump. What was high test price is now regular price. Should all be on winter blend by now so that’s supposed to be cheaper by a little. It’s all down hill now. Hang on!
  2. Does this engine sound normal?

    It is quite noisy with an open hood. High pressure fuel pump and injectors are vey loud. Waste gate going and fan noise is quite the symphony 🤓
  3. Bumper stickers and other signage you’ve come across

    Let have some fun and post up some of the good ones you’ve come across
  4. Hello from HotShotOffroad!!

    Welcome to the forum. Competition is just great for all of us! Pricing looks good too. Definitely keep you in mind going forward
  5. How about some Jokes

    A woman awakes during the night to find that her husband is not in bed. She puts on her robe and goes downstairs to look for him. She finds him sitting at the kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee in front of him. He appears to be in deep thought, just staring at the wall. She watches as he...
  6. Ground Effects?

    Covering this up with U channel is only inviting a corrosion environment by trapping moisture. Best thing you can do is use undercoating spray or brush on paint for extra prevention. No kidding, I was contemplating using flex seal black in this area to rubberize the application. Worst it could...
  7. Tailgate will not unlock.

    You’re pressing the unlock button twice right? If you are then try putting pressure on the tailgate in a closed position and try the double unlock. See if that doesn’t do it. Once you do get it open might need some lubricant on the sliding latches on both sides. Let us know how that goes
  8. My first Ranger

    Nice ride! Welcome to the fam. You’re going to be all grins for a while. 🤣
  9. Missing Center Console Tray?

    No one since they delivered the first one ever had a console tray. All of us that have them got them aftermarket. Beware on this too! Some have the corner cutouts so they sit properly and you can close the armrest easily. Others have a fully molded lip that will make that difficult to do.
  10. Icon Progressive Leafs

    Yes, as an approach method for all body hardware, a little torch heat will break any locktite. Just don’t get carried away with that. A moderate amount is all you want. Excessive heat will draw out the temper of the hardware making it useless to reuse if appropriate.
  11. Tires

    Like anything else, you usually get what you pay for. The cheaper they are the better chances they’re garbage with no stopping power. On the opposite side of the spectrum, just because they cost the most doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better! Do your homework and then make an educated...
  12. How about some Jokes

    How to avoid that catastrophe
  13. Does anyone else see a wire across the mirror radar sensor ?

    Delete? We don’t have a stinking delete!!! You wear it for eternity or you bribe a mod…
  14. How about some Jokes

    I dare you! 🤣
  15. Any drone operators on the forums?

    Not so much the drones but the cameras are going to be where the price point really comes in. If you can get a machine big enough to carry a GoPro then you will be pleased with the video. Even 1080P isn’t bad but when you get to the 4K resolution it gets fun and fast. We have a drone that has a...
  16. I Guess I'm Going To Go Damperless

    AKA “super lube”
  17. Truck is broke...all sorts of things stopped working

    Think you found what we use to call the ultimate car theft protection. Pull the coil wire and no jumping that puppy. Well now we got pull the connector and close the panel cover and we got a brick! 🤣
  18. Truck is broke...all sorts of things stopped working

    Try the battery disconnect for like 30 minutes. That way the systems are all down for sure. I would still take it to a dealer and get the issue recorded in their system so if down the road there’s more problems you got a record of it with them already
  19. Painted engine cover, anyone do it?

    I’ll have to measure it again but if memory serves me right it’s a 5” Ford logo badge. They’re everywhere. Now I used 2 small holes and used hot glue to attach it. Seems to be holding just fine with just that. Originally I was going to use retainer clips of the badges posts but it really wasn’t...
  20. Painted engine cover, anyone do it?

    When I got mine a some months back I painted the Ford logo with enamel paint. Used a brush and carefully applied it. Looked really good when I was finished. Problem is paint doesn’t stick very well and flakes off. I wasn’t happy about that at all. So plan B came into being. Got on EBAY and found...