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  1. If you thought car dealerships have some crazy markups...

    agreed - walk away and find another dealer
  2. passenger seat removal

    has anyone tried removing their front seats - specifically the passenger side? thanks! D
  3. dealer telling me he can't install a part for what Ford Accessory charged me for install

    God FORBID if he mentioned the dreaded damper...then it would have gotten REALY out of hand. towpro, glad you got it straight. you will find many (but not ALL) folks working at a dealership exude awesome levels of confidence and mediocre levels of intelligence. :( D
  4. New Nissan Z - good potential but one big failure.

    As a kid I'd started going to work with my dad...first it was to DeMontrond Buick. Cool V6 and some V8 engines were the time it didn't register but putting my hands on the tune up of a 1969 Buick GS400 wasn't a big deal...well...I was a kid...setting gap on plugs was cool :P Then...
  5. Tailgate Limit and loading Motorcycle

    Confirmed - they sent an email saying this to me when I was trying to figure out if I wanted to haul my KingQuad 400 in the bed. I finally said to heck with it. I rolled that way for a fair number of months until finally going to get a little 2k utility trailer. IMO alot safer and more...
  6. The Lima Motor I would say has proven itself.

    Seeing what the UK was able to do with the 4 cylinder Ford engines in their Escorts were awesome. Of course, some help from Cosworth never hurt :P
  7. Ranger sightings rare in US

    This area of SE Texas (greater Houston area and points north) I see them all over...heck even in our subdivision there is three now (incl mine). I see at least 3-4 on each trip on a freeway. The small town I live in has at least 5 others (not including the ones in my subdivision) we even...
  8. Wifi hot spot

    I can attest that ATT and T Mobile both have phones that can browse or provide hotspot as well as call at the same time no issues. I DO know that Verizon was not capable of that years ago but now they can I believe. Your phone heats up due to the battery discharging primarily. This can be...
  9. Plastic around infotainment pretty ugly

    if my wife saw that she would DEMAND it lol
  10. F100 is badass

    man...that suspension was pure sex on the f100
  11. Loaded it up with firewood.

    heh...first time I've ever said I wanna see the wood brah. :P
  12. Toe wear noted on tires - 26k miles

    Hey everyone gotta question. 2WD no lift no aftermarket suspension parts on my truck. The Bridgestone Dueler HT's are showing, to me, an abnormal level of inner tread wear. No feathering, just wear. This is toe correct? Is this due to, from what I was able to find, the suspension being set for...
  13. New Leather seats

    That bottom one looks like it might transform into a robot lol
  14. And I Thought The Chevrolet Trucks Had An Ugly Front End

    I'm curious if they will port some of that design down to the Taco. You will have the hard-core folks sticking with them...but it may alienate some?
  15. And I Thought The Chevrolet Trucks Had An Ugly Front End

    there was some cross pollination here...or the chevy was hit with the japanizing beam...
  16. Do ya’ll turn your AC off before turning truck off?

    a few have hit a little something that is some hidden wisdom I've learned. what alot of folks don't do is run their AC year round. why would you do this during the winter!?!? keep those seals good and lubed when the compressor is moving the suspended oil in the freon (or whatever...
  17. I HATE the Scab

    SCAB is what I called my old F150 :) it is what it isn't like Newspeak from 1984 :D
  18. Does anyone care what Scotty Kilmer thinks?

    meh...I've watched a few of his videos and they were mostly bash and not much meat. you wanna watch some interesting stuff go to Skid Factory and Mighty Car Mods. Both Aussie and pretty interesting. Skid Factory is serious with some humor, MCM is humor with some seriousness added. Finnegans...
  19. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed: $20k MSRP, 40MPG, Hybrid Standard

    OMG...just saw some interior has rear AC vents...WTF?!?!?
  20. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed: $20k MSRP, 40MPG, Hybrid Standard

    TBH the CVT isn't a big issue I think. The CVT in our Civic is nice and, with proper maintenance is no issue at all. If the trim packages change the looks I'd be interested to replace the Civic with one...but more and more I think the Bronco Sport would be a better fit since we have the Ranger...