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  1. Ranger Vehicle Visibility Requests Megathread

    I think the week is kind of an "ish" thing - I'd expect to see it sometime this week.
  2. 2021 order time frame?

    FYI, mine took 20 days to get to Portland - but that was pre-covid. It did arrive a bit ahead of the estimated date, however.
  3. Tremor ride and handling and Payload vs FX4

    I would totally agree with this. The comments about the FX4 ride have ranged from "I love it" to " it sucks". Ride quality is a VERY individual opinion I think. I liken it to "styling" - what looks good to one person looks like crap to someone else. For me, I liked my FX4 ride, however there...
  4. Any drone operators on the forums?

    One nice thing about the mini is you don't have to register it - it is under the 250g limit. I've had a mini (a mini 1, not the mini 2) for almost 2 years now. I don't fly it a ton, but it I use it for aerial photography when I go hiking. It is so small it fits in my pack well. One...
  5. TOYO Open Country A/T III

    I just got these tires installed yesterday. So far I really like them. I will see what it does to my MPG - I'm hoping it won't make too much of a dent.
  6. Engine shutter.

    There is a thread here: That lists many of the TSBs for our truck. One of them sounds exactly like what you are experiencing (rough shifts when cold) - TSB 19-2052 - it may also have been...
  7. Show your (1st) old Rangers

    Here is my 2005 shortly before I sold it to buy my 2019 - I owned this for 13 years - Went on a lot of really cool adventures with this truck! Here is a picture of my 2002 Ranger when we were going to the San Juan Islands with the Boy Scouts: This was my second Ranger - it did have an odd...
  8. Levittown Ford Parts? Experience Ordering From?

    They are a sponsor here. I ordered a few things from them a while back and they are genuine Ford parts and shipped quickly. I give them a thumbs up. Bennie is great
  9. Ford Loyalty...What A Joke!

    But I don't understand this decision because this decision does NOT make THEM (Ford) more money - the additional money will be going exclusively to the large dealers, not Ford. All this has done is piss off a LOT of customers and give the Ford brand a bad reputation - you can't believe what...
  10. Ford Loyalty...What A Joke!

    I think the biggest issue is that Ford changed the rules mid stream - if they had set it up this way in the beginning at least people would know what to expect, but they started out one way, and people acted accordingly, and now Ford has gone and changed the rules on everyone. I really don't...
  11. Eibach 2.0 coilover adjustment questions

    You cannot. If you tell us what you want it to be one of the mods can edit it for you.
  12. Ford Loyalty...What A Joke!

    Wow - that really sucks and is a weird turn of events. Sometimes it feels like big companies are so disconnected from their customers. I wonder who thought this would go over well with customers? I get that the big dealers will like it, but customers? A HUGE slap in the face, IMO.
  13. 2021 order time frame?

    Once it actually ships you will know it is close - shipping is the last hurdle to getting your truck. Hope yours ships soon!
  14. Thieves are getting bolder

    I think you are talking about Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer who has become a YouTube sensation. He did a "Glitter Bomb 2.0" recently and has been successful in working with authorities to catch some porch pirates. There are still a LOT of good people in this world....
  15. Ford Ranger - long term reliability

    The engine (the 2.3) in VERY similar form has been in several other vehicles, including the Mustang: According to Ford Explorer Ford Focus RS Ford Focus ST (Europe only)...
  16. Rears-only: Fox 2.0 or Eibach?

    I've been on the fence for this for a long time. While I like the ride of my Ranger most of the time, there have been occasions where it is a bit too "floaty" for me. I finally sprang for the rear Eibachs and I'm very glad I did. My biggest concern was that they would be too firm, however...
  17. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    I replaced my rear shocks today and it brought out a BIG smile on my face! I had never lost my smile, but the new shocks just make it bigger! I really love this truck! Almost 2 1/2 years now and 24,000 miles and I still love it. Pushing the skinny pedal never fails to bring a smile to my...
  18. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    I think historically most vehicles are dealer ordered and so it is kind of "hidden" from public view - when supply diminishes, I think it makes stuff like this a lot more visible. Add in the fact that more people seem to be ordering these days and it makes it worse. I'd be PISSED if my ordered...
  19. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    Stuff like that happens a LOT more often than most people realize - this stuff is quietly fixed at the dealer body shop.