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  1. Virginia WTS Ford OEM Premium Splash/Mud Guards, Front and Rear $120 (OBO)

    That is correct. Thanks for mentioning that!
  2. Virginia WTS Ford OEM Premium Splash/Mud Guards, Front and Rear $120 (OBO)

    I bought these awhile back, opened the packages but never installed them. All hardware and instructions included. MSRP for each pair is $89.99. Willing to sell the complete set of four for $120 (OBO) + shipping, or pickup in Northern Virginia area. PayPal of Venmo for payment. PM if interested...
  3. FX4 vinyl badging

    I swapped out my factory decals for these. Also removed the Eco Boost badge, and blacked out the Ford Badge (something the BAP should have done from the start).
  4. FordPass and iOS14

    I'm still having the exact same problem. Have everything turned off as well.
  5. 2021 Ford Ranger Order Guide (Includes Tremor Package)

    About time they blacked out the Ford emblems and 4x4/FX4 decals with the BAP.
  6. Loving the RTR grill!

    Update: RTR sent me a replacement LED. Now just hope I don't break any tabs taking the grille back off....
  7. Loving the RTR grill!

    They did, thanks! Still haven't figured out the lighting issue. Submitted a support issue with RTR, have't heard back yet
  8. Loving the RTR grill!

    Installed it yesterday. Pretty straight forward. However, Couldn't get the passenger side to illuminate. Checked the connections, terminals were fine, reconnected everything, still no luck. Not sure what the deal is. Maybe I got a faulty LED/Wiring harness?
  9. Loving the RTR grill!

    Thanks for the clarification! Got delivered yesterday and saw that the tabs are part of the grill itself, not the bezel, like you mentioned. So I'm not that worried about breaking the OEM tabs now. May try to install it today, but thunderstorms are in the forecast, so may have to wait until...
  10. Loving the RTR grill!

    Order one without the bezel, should be arriving today. Any good pointers on removing the grill without breaking the locking tabs? Always makes me a bit nervous
  11. What is the best Ranger color?

    I mean, isn't everybody going to be partial to what they bought? lol. Of course I'm going to be partial to White Platinum with the Black Appearance Package.
  12. How Many Have Saggy Leather Seats?

    No need to be rude on here man. So some people decided to by an XLT for this very reason, and they may persuade others to do the same. That IS adding to the conversation. I'm pretty pissed about the quality of the leather seats too, it is a legitimate gripe when you spend 40K+ on a new vehicle.
  13. Was your Ranger the first at anything?

    Mine was the first w/Black Appearance Package the dealer had seen. First Ranger the tint shop had worked on. First for the ceramic coating/detailing guy I went to.
  14. Get rid of Sync data message

    I hate it too. Its obnoxious. Hope the new version of Sync gets rid of it.
  15. Heater duck, foot clearance ?

    Same here. Scuffed up a couple pairs of boots :curse:
  16. Tailgate ladder

    Bestop has their Trekstep for the Ranger now. It's on back-order, of course, like just about everything else.... Pic shows a side mounted one, but product description and install instructions show it at the rear...
  17. Ranger Graphics / Decals Here's mine
  18. I Hate People and One Payment and Bumper Hacked!

    Had the same thing happen to me a few days ago, after stopping to grab a coffee. Thankfully, a good Samaritan saw it happen, waited for me to get in my truck and flagged me down as I was about to drive off. The lady who hit it, just backed up and parked in another spot and decided to go about...
  19. OEM 2019+ Ranger Tailgate Damper Part# VKB3Z-99406A10-A by DeeZee DZ43206

    Ordered mine on Oct 23rd. Still hasn't arrived.