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  1. Post your off-road pics.

    I like your teaser video. I have a roof top tent on my Ranger - mounted to a rack that's probably at least 6" lower that yours (Yakima OutpostHD). Think I'll have clearance issues through the arch?
  2. Ranger305's Ranger Overland Build & Journal

    Well, summer's almost here and that means dusting off the off-road gear, and getting my Ranger in shape for a few good, cross-country adventures. First, I bolted my home-made refrigerator drawer into its place besides the 12V outlet in the bed. Then took the G3 rack off the wall for a few...
  3. Colorado here

    I might be in Colorado in Mid-late June..I'd love to jump in on this.
  4. Post your off-road pics.

    Loving that color, jmurph. Where were you where you could drive on the beach?
  5. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Thanks. Coupes that haven't been tubbed and roll-caged and converted to drag cars are becoming hard to find at a decent price. I found this one in NC in cherry condition. Snatched it up and towed it to Miami.
  6. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Global Warming, once again, rears its ugly head! (Beautiful pics though)
  7. Post your off-road pics.

    Say the word, man! I plan on being there in early to mid September and would love to do some trails with other Ranger guys - or gals.
  8. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    No problem. I had 8 gallons of water and 4.5 gallons of fuel in the rack this summer with no issues. :thumbsup:
  9. Post your off-road pics.

    See my reply to a similar question ina different post HERE. No drilling required.
  10. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    It's a G3 Rack (Italian made) I got from Here's the LINK. I modified it with that wind deflector I cobbled together from a sheet of 1/8" aluminum and some U-bolts. Love the rack. Oh, and one more thing.... The G3 rack consists of the two transverse bars across the cab roof. The...
  11. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Towing my Foxbody Coupe
  12. Post your off-road pics.

    Getting to be that time of year when a fella starts yearnin' for some mountain trails. Here's my girl on Engineer Pass last summer. Going back this year for Imogene Pass, Yankee Boy Basin, and others.
  13. What are you drinking, after you were done with your Ranger for the day?

    Jameson, one ice cube, splash of Club Soda.
  14. Post your off-road pics.

    I'll be in SoCal this fall. I'd love to join you guys!
  15. Went on a 2200 mi trek from Miami to Engineer Pass

    Check out my mods here on my Build Journal.
  16. Ranger305's Ranger Overland Build & Journal

    Sorry for the delay in response; been on a family-visitation roadtrip to South Carolina. My G3 sits approx 8" off the roof (roof to top of top bar). It is approx 34" bar to bar across the truck from passenger to driver, and I mounted the G3 rack bars approx 30" apart front to back. Hope that...
  17. Ranger305's Ranger Overland Build & Journal

    I'm using the OEM Ford Bed LIner.
  18. Light Bars??

    Never had a problem with AEB and this light bar.
  19. Went on a 2200 mi trek from Miami to Engineer Pass

    Thanks, Andy. Family situation permitted me to take off - so I did; quickly. Had an amazing time. The truck performed flawlesly and I got lots of first-hand mountain trail experience. Still would like to get together - possibly next summer?
  20. Went on a 2200 mi trek from Miami to Engineer Pass

    It was fine on the open road. I fabbed up that black air-dam you see on my roof rack it it quieted down the wind noise by more than half - closer to 2/3s. Didn't really notice the higher center of gravity around the mountain trails. My Ranger was a champ on those roads.