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  1. Wireless Charging Install

    Very nice! Did you have any trouble with the upper tray seating back in correctly?
  2. Wireless Charging Install

    Nicely done and thanks for the write-up! I love being able to wireless charge in the lower tray. My concern about wireless charging in the dash tray is that the phone gets very warm from sunlight coming through the windshield. Add that to the heat generated by the wireless charging and it...
  3. Canoe Carrying Solutions

    I'll have to venture down to out local outdoor store and see if they have some soft webbing. I bought a pre-made set of anchors but the webbing is quite firm. Paint protection file is not a bad idea either. Thanks for chiming in. I need all the help I can get!
  4. Canoe Carrying Solutions

    It sounds like you have a secure system. I use j-cradles so I am not worried about the side to side action. It's the flying off action that has me worried. :) I'm pretty picky about my paint job though so I definitely understand your aversion to the hood straps. Thanks for your response!
  5. Canoe Carrying Solutions

    I am glad to hear that you have not had any paint damage. My boats sit in J-cradles and (hopefully) don't move at all so that anchor strap should not be rubbing. I had never thought of the front line being an indicator that something is wrong up top but it totally makes sense. On short trips...
  6. Aftermarket Bed/roof rack system

    This is my setup exactly. I am a bit concerned about the front tie-downs though. Are you seeing any paint damage along the hood where the anchor comes out? I considered using those small loops that attach underneath the edge of the hood at one of the preexisting bolts but they are not long...
  7. Canoe Carrying Solutions

    I have the Overhaul HD as well and I love it. I am concerned, however, about where ti anchor for the front (stern) tie downs. The curvature of the front of the hood makes me worry that an under the hood tie-down will damage the paint (as would a tie-down that anchors at the front tow loops).
  8. Canoe Carrying Solutions

    Where so you attach your front tie-downs (if you use them)? Do you go all the way to the front tow hooks or do you use an under the hood attachment? I don't use stern and bow tie-downs for short, low-speed trips but I want to take my boats out so state so I need to secure them better...
  9. Wireless Charging Install

    It actually took longer to write it up than it did to complete the install. :wink: It was definitely worth it though. I have since upgraded my phone to a Galaxy S20 and I am happy to report that it fits in that space just like the S8 did. Admittedly, I let the width of the charging cubby...
  10. 5.0 Bed Mat Availability

    I posted a while back that I was cancelling my order after waiting for months. I went to the dealership last week and got a refund. The next day, my mat came in. I went back, repurchased it and I love it. The fit is SO perfect!
  11. 5.0 Bed Mat Availability

    I ordered one from my dealer back in September. They placed the order 3 different times and it never came in. I went in and cancelled my order today. :(
  12. Insufficient A/C Airflow

    Nope. My dealer didn't seems to think it was a big deal and I have not had time to investigate further myself. :(
  13. No Driver’s side floor heat

    See, that's what I mean! When you switch from face to face/feet, the volume from the face vents is greatly reduced but that reduction does not show up by coming out of the floor vents. It just makes noise behind the dash! I spoke with my dealer about it and I just for the "that's just how it...
  14. SOLVED: Excessive Wind Noise Above 50 MPH, Window Gasket Replaced

    I had a whistle coming from the driver window also. The source of the whistle was a little hole beneath the side mirror. I covered it with a piece of black tape and the whistling stopped. I also have lots of wind noise from both rear doors. I have not yet had somebody else drive so i can sit...
  15. Bed Lights

    These are basically the ones I bought except I bought them from Robin Electronics. They were exactly the same as the Ford lights (maybe Robin makes the Ford lights IDK). The only difference was the price. I paid $60 for a set of 4. Here's the link on Amazon. They are not available right now...
  16. Wireless Charging Install

    Yes, I have a Galaxy s8 and it fits perfectly. :)
  17. No Driver’s side floor heat

    Same here. It's ESPECIALLY bad when I try sending the air out through the middle (hands) zone and the lower (feet) zone. It seems like neither get much air. It makes all sorts of wind noise in the dash but I have no idea where the air actually exits.
  18. Bed Lights

    I just ran mine back from the battery (with an inline fuse). You can run the wire inside of the truck frame for almost the entire way.
  19. Ranger Bed Mat

    I have had mine on order since 9/9/19 with no delivery yet. I called for an update again today and I'm waiting for a call back.
  20. TSB: 19-2146 - 2019 Ranger - Crew Cab - Folding Rear Seat Back Excessive Latch Effort When Return...

    Yes. I removed the screw and catch and shimmed it out with washers. I added one at a time until it would latch.