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  1. KC M rack

    Got the rack on, now I just have to find some hardware to get the light bar up there.
  2. KC M rack

    Where did you get your windshield banner?
  3. My Overland Build

    What brand is that awning? How well does it stand up to windy conditions?
  4. KC M rack

    Pre-built the rack and did a test fit last night. Looks like KC sent the right rack first try. Out of town again this weekend, but will get it riveted down in two weeks probably. Then its the fun of making the Rough Country light bar fit and figuring out how to wire all these lights up.
  5. KC M rack

    I was out of town all weekend for the holiday. I plan to pull the rack out of the box this week and assemble to make sure it's the correct one and test the light bar fitting. I would much rather have an extra inch to fill in though than have KC's be an inch short at least. Will update when I...
  6. KC M rack

    Mine just came in, how did you tell you had the wrong one at first? I need to open and check mine. I ended up buying a 50 inch curved light bar from rough country that I am gonna make fit the rack, but I got KC's side lights and rear chase bar.
  7. KC M rack

    I have been looking at this myself recently. I actually ordered one with the LED bar and then they contacted me saying there was a mistake on their website and they no longer offer it. They claimed to have discontinued it due to wind noise and now only offer the setup you have there for a...
  8. Sarge's Magnetic Ranger

    I three way call them in situations like this, and then let them try to blame each other. At a minimum you'll get an entertaining argument, otherwise one of em, typically the dealership, bows out and takes responsibility.
  9. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Have you hooked this up yet? Curious how noticeable the difference is and what all the kit can do since they essentially include a whole computer in it.
  10. Michigan 2019 XL STX front bumper, skid plate, tow hooks and whatnot

    I wonder how bad the shipping would be on that. . . . I know that skid plate is 500+ pounds . . .
  11. Will there ever be a smooth fender flare with bumper extension????

    Those came out clean! They look great but man that price tag of a grand is something else. I take it they come unpainted too?
  12. Will there ever be a smooth fender flare with bumper extension????

    Have you gotten around to installing these yet? I am curious to see them on an actual NA consumer Ranger. Not sure I trust the sites perfectly angled photos of em on an overseas model for that dime.
  13. HenryMac's Build Thread: 2019 Ranger XL STX FX4 Magnetic Super Cab

    Yeah when my dealer said they were throwing in rubber mats, I assumed it was WeatherTech like with my last truck. I was extremely disappointed when I saw these Ranger mats installed, so much debris gets around them.
  14. Trey's Magnetic Lariat FX4 "Rainier"

    What brand/model is this little trailer?
  15. RCMUSTANG's Magnetic FX4

    Which wig wag did you use, and did you splice directly into to the existing harness?
  16. RCMUSTANG's Magnetic FX4

    I love this idea, but I wish they had one fitted for the front side of the wheel wells. I already have the swing boxes mounted in the back. I know I could probably buy and cut but that seems wasteful.
  17. Lag in radio

    I actually hadn't thought of that for the tablet. I never connect my phone to those because it does some kind of sync interface thing that annoyed my the first week so I never touched them again. Honestly forgot they were down there. I will buy a USB connected today and test that at lunch...
  18. Lag in radio

    With no aux port or such, you're looking at alot of money, work, and time just to test. May be installing a step down for amp and sub setup eventually and while in there for that try hardwiring, but its definitely not the top of my to do list. My tablet luckily has an easy audio out selector...
  19. Lag in radio

    Yeah I have a 5G Samsung tablet mounted in my Ranger and there is a noticeable lag when using bluetooth audio with video. I have yet to find a solution . . .
  20. OUCH!

    I personally feel if I am paying you or in this case if I am paying my insurance to replace damage to my vehicle, it better be OEM. Secondly I take pride in owning a ranger (call me what you like) but I want that "RANGER" etched into my glass. Also if my truck is still under warranty any parts...