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  1. Ranger Specialist at PandaMotorworks

    Try a PM. It seems to work better
  2. A case for auto-bill-payment

    When you freeze your credit, you have to unfreeze to be able to apply for credit.... it is free to freeze and to unfreeze. no one can get credit no matter ho much info they have on you unless they have the pin number to the credit freeze.... you can google credit freeze... each state is a...
  3. A case for auto-bill-payment

    Fraud alerts are ok, but freezing your credit is the best way to go
  4. Where are the lumber racks?

    I will bite. What is a lumber rack?
  5. What is attached to the inside Windshield?

    Hope to never know
  6. Horn continually honks

    Does it like the other cars?
  7. PandaMotorWorks Tailgate Damper

    I will not click on this post again, I will not click on this post again, oh dang ! And here I am
  8. Ford's spray in bed liner...not 100%

    I got the one from Ford, if/when it peels then I will worry about it, until then ...... I will use it
  9. MyKey Restrictions?

    I set one of my keys up hated it! I went back with the admin key and removed my key
  10. Rear Light Cover replacement

    You must have German plates, otherwise you would not need to have it inspected, if I remember right.... but it has been 20 years..... I suggest before the inspection is due, you go to the inspection station with a crate of beer an d see what it would take for it to pass
  11. Winter Prep

    I live in SW MO, we usually do not get a lot of snow what we get is ice, nothing helps on ice.
  12. Not Again

    Never tried Twitter, I did have good luck with a phone call.... my issue was the bed liner did not comes with the correct rails, not really a mechanical issue.
  13. First Time Truck Owner need some advice...

    I agree with the others accept that for the grocery issue, a 2x8 cut to with works, I had a wire shelf on the hand I cut it to length and it works great
  14. What are the break-in mileage changes

    As far as MPG goes, before 1k miles, 23.9, 21.8 and 23.3, three before 5 k 23.5, 23.6 and 22.8, my last three 24.2, 23.3, and 23.6 That about the first 9k. I am not seeing a major jump but maybe a steady rise. I am going to guess going forward it will in low 23, this according to the app...
  15. Military Discount

    I cannot speak for others but for me it was just a job I did for close to 21 years
  16. Jailbreak Iphone?

    I use my radar. I like it it uses NOAA feed
  17. Oil Analysis Report

    So this is your base reading?
  18. Optional keyless entry pad

    Not sure I would have posted the access code
  19. Optional keyless entry pad

    I will try that thanks