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  1. Best portable Air Compressor?

    I purchased the same one over a year ago and used it about 25 times and it shit the bed as of three weeks ago. Just replaced it with the smitty , used it once and I was impressed. Not a fan of the Japanese fittings . But I've seen people mod them with standard fittings and a pressure switch
  2. Old Man Emu lift pics

    Just got the lift finished yesterday, looks great. Took the truck out to Gilgo Beach today, calm before the storm
  3. Half a lift

    Already had one jack stolen from me last year, oh and a beach cart 😁
  4. Half a lift

    picked up the OME kit by ARB, just finished the rear section today, shout out to frenchie for being patient and educating my . Tackling the front portion tomorrow, figure some guys would get a kick out of the pics
  5. OmE level kit diy video

    Much appreciated sent my number over to you DM, thanks
  6. OmE level kit diy video

    Have the kit sitting in my garage past 2 months with no time to put it on. Will be having some free time next week. Was wondering if anyone has made a video of the installation or knows of one, TIA
  7. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Received my rain guards today
  8. Old Man Emu DIY install tutoral ?

    That would be awesome, much appreciated. I'll PM you
  9. Old Man Emu DIY install tutoral ?

    Just received the kit today, was wondering if anyone has posted a DIY or Video anywhere TIA. My concern is the leaf springs and front coil overs

    So I ended up going with the OME setup, are your wheels stock ? Would love to achieve 33's , is it possible with OEM 18inch wheels ? ( black appearance package) thank in advance

    I am careful and aware of the bumps guys, I've been looking at all of these packages for different kits 800-4000, not that I'm looking to spend 4000, but I'm looking for a quality setup that can handle offloading give me a bit of lift to have a bigger tire, and that I won't run into alignment...

    Ps I have the black appearance package , love the rims but would be open to bigger tires that would fit the stock rim if any one has input

    I currently have the stock 4x4 suspension. My driving habits are as followed 90% on road (city/highway) 10% Beach ( very crazy bumps that send me flying up and down at low speeds ) not looking to do 60 on the beach FYI. suggestions ?
  14. No parts available

    Your so pretty, can I marry you? Sorry to hear about your truck Ms.
  15. Trey's Magnetic Lariat FX4 "Rainier"

    Love that ladder, my personal go to
  16. Milwaukee packout mounting brackets in bed ?

    Hey guys, have a few packout boxes laying around and was thinking about using them to make a storage solution for some recovery gear and miscellaneous items, securing the them with packout mounting plates. Any thoughts, has anyone done this already ?
  17. Tailgate Damper idea

    At what mileage should the blinker fluid be changed 😁. Chris Fox has a whole DIY on YouTube
  18. Parallel parking

    I take it you don't have sensors on your bumpers
  19. New guy from NW Mississippi

    Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy the truck. Let us know you thoughts and impressions. The ranger can certainly hold its own speed wise.