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  1. Headliner sagging

    I am worried about getting my roof moldings replace because of this. On the rear black moldings on both sides the paint pealed off. The Cocoa Fl Ford Dealership said they wouldn't promise that the headliner would be damaged in the process.
  2. Intermittent Creaking Sound While Turning Steering Wheel

    No change to sound when in neutral, sound still present.
  3. Intermittent Creaking Sound While Turning Steering Wheel

    Specs: 2019 Ranger FX4 with 3.5" FabTech Lift and 33" tires. 9k miles, lift kit from day one. Recently at no to low speed (under 30) when turning the wheels in either direction i hear a intermittent quick creaking sound on the drivers side. I feel it on the floor too. The sound is not wheel...
  4. Share your positive thoughts

    I'm coming over from Dodge, had three over the past 30 years. But, no one will deal anymore on the prices. This is my first Ford in over 30 years. I still have my 89 1st Gen, but my daily driver was high in miles. I've 8K miles on my 2019 XLT FX4 with FabTech 3.5" Lift and 33" tires. I get...
  5. What’s your truck inhaling? Best air filter shootout!

    NAPA carries WIX products. Contact your local NAPA store.
  6. tune

    Livernois here and no issues, 3500 miles and counting.
  7. aftermarket tunes and MPG improvements?

    I agree with your premium fuel assessment. Running 87, no tune, and 33" tires my MPG was mid-16s on my daily 50 mile commute. I laughed it off, but in reality I was really disappointed my 89 Ram got better MPG.
  8. aftermarket tunes and MPG improvements?

    Pre-Livernois tune running 93 Octane 21 July = 17.6 MPG (Hand Calculated, not computer) 29 July = 18.1 MPG (Hand Calculated) Post-Livernois 93 Octane tune, all hand calculated 7 Aug = 19.48 MPG 13 Aug = 19.6 MPG 16 Aug = 19.2 MPG
  9. Timeline on better gearing for bigger tires?

    Originally, I was questioning 3:73 gearing, too. I can say, I'm running 33's now with no problem and no tune. However, I live in flat old Florida. We'll see how she does this Deer season in PA.
  10. Next Gen Ranger Raptor Bound For US May Have 2.7L V6 EcoBoost Engine

    I'd rather see a square bore 3L four cylinder. No need to make maintenance more difficult with squeezing a 6 cylinder into the engine bay.
  11. What is something you love, and something you dislike about the Ranger?

    1st arm rest 1/4" padding what were they thinking, 2nd supercabs rear seat wish they stole the Tacoma's design, last 5ft bed.