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  1. Ranger vs Maverick

    Yes, but it's a hybrid damper, and much more complicated to install. Also, the wiring harness may only be in place on higher trim levels. Also, the controller contains one of the chips that are in currently in short supply so some Mavericks may be shipped to dealers without it. (j/k)
  2. Why the interior hate?

    Try Loc-Dots. I add them to any computer keyboard that doesn't have the F & J key locating bumps so I can type without looking. Nearly invisible and just big enough to find by feel. Or these that are similar but coded...
  3. Why the interior hate?

    Weird thing about that is when I first got my truck I was expecting the mirror control to be on the driver's door arm rest. Having grown up with mostly Fords & having owned a few, without thinking that position behind the steering wheel is where I reached next and...there it was.
  4. 5G Ford Ranger : Cab roof Weight limit ?

    I assume this is the "on the internet" source?
  5. Weird button

    I see a mangled LiPo and LTE components - that's a full-on tracking system. And given that it's hooked into the OBD, I'm guessing it could get telemetry & remote-disable the vehicle, too?
  6. Weird button

    Just a suggestion but you could trace the wires. Or at least see if they're easy to trace by poking your head & a flashlight under there. From the location, they may go directly to the fuse box and the connection might tell you what the switch does. Have you tried pushing/clicking it? Old joke...
  7. 5 rangers or this one truck?

    Ouch. (You aren't wrong, though...)
  8. Why the interior hate?

    I'm glad! My sister's Ranger had the soft touch coating coming off in sheets like a sunburn when we were kids. She figured it was because she used moisturizer/hand lotion every time she got behind the wheel, then immediately turned on the radio/CD. Mine was a few years older & had no such...
  9. Why the interior hate?

    I'm perfectly okay with "hard plastic". In my opinion, on a truck it's far better than the old vinyl-over-foam that would crack once the vinyl lost it's solvent. And both are far better than the "soft touch" plastic so many manufactures seem to want to put on everything that turns gummy and...
  10. Why the interior hate?

    For the most part I like the new interior. But the critics are correct in my opinion about the climate controls. Here's the prior version. It may look dated but everything could be done without ever taking your eyes off the road. Same for music & 4WD. Then again, I do like the new bells &...
  11. How about some Jokes

    I love that Ford did that when some Internet rando attacked their vehicle and employees. It's about as in-your-face, "Yeah, and what of it" as it could be. Definitely a final score of Internet rando: 0 Ford Motor Corp: 1
  12. How about some Jokes

    I've put the daily paper & grocery ad flyers from the mail in the dead space as a sort of time capsule whenever I've remodeled a kitchen. Never thought to make it a literal dead space. This is brilliant!
  13. How about some Jokes

    It's solar powered!
  14. How far are we from a full electric and/or hybrid Ranger?

    Here's an indication: On February 17, 2021, Ford announced that all commercial vehicles in Europe would be zero-emissions capable – all-electric or plug-in hybrid – by 2024. also, this from a few days ago...
  15. How far are we from a full electric and/or hybrid Ranger?

    Check out that instrument cluster, though...
  16. Do You Use The Emergency Brake?

    When I was in my early 20's I drove a '73 MG Midget for a couple of years. The parking brake was nearly useless (as were the rear drum brakes) so I kept a folding Toyota wheel chock behind the seat. The car was so low and small I could reach the rear wheel from the driver's seat to place &...
  17. Engine Cover missing , how weird

    Nice! Looks like you added an ornament to it, too - congratulations!
  18. Do You Use The Emergency Brake?

    My drivers training as a teen was by a retired CHP Sargent. He drilled so many things into our heads and one of them was parking on a hill: 1. curb your wheel so the curb is taking the load 2. set the cable / emergency / parking brake 3. if you are driving an automatic that day, put it in Park...
  19. Do You Use The Emergency Brake?

    In the older cars I've driven the emergency brake was cable actuated, to the back wheels only. Just in case the hydraulic brakes stopped working you'd still have rudimentary braking in an emergency, thus the name. Guessing on this part, but because they had a ratchet and we were instructed to...
  20. Why the level? Why the rake?

    Looks like North Carolina is banning the squat (for all trucks, not just Ford as the headline might suggest).