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  1. New ARB Skid Plate

    Let me specifically which photo location you would like. I am thinking you are asking where the fender and bumper join at the side, below the headlight. b
  2. New ARB Skid Plate

    My ARB skid plate went in easy. The directions were certainly lacking and left out a number of important steps and failed to mention one of the nut zerts is different than the others. As well as missing one of them and 1 bolt. I was able to put them on in 2.5 hours by myself. I used a floor...
  3. My Upgrade list. 2020 XLT FX4

    You can have mine for free. Only pay shipping. bk
  4. My Upgrade list. 2020 XLT FX4

    What happened to the back bumper? You have it mentioned in your upgrades. bk
  5. 2019-2021 Ford Ranger ARB UVP Complete Steel Skid Plate Kit

    Thanks Frank! I look forward to getting the skid plate upgrade. b
  6. 2019-2021 Ford Ranger ARB UVP Complete Steel Skid Plate Kit

    Thanks for posting this upgrade information. How do we contact you or receive the forum discount? b
  7. Trey's Magnetic Lariat FX4 "Rainier"

    {/QUOTE] Here's the final product: Everything works as it should, adaptive cruise, parking sensors, forward collision warning, etc. have no noticeable difference in function. The fog lights kinda suck; they're not as bright as the OEM LED ones and would be disappointing to anyone running...
  8. After market bumper experience

    Here is the problem, there was a rear bumper in this thread that really looks like one I woiuld like to see on my 2020 Ford Ranger XLT. It appears the manufacturer is less than responsive for what might be a small segment of after market product for a Ford product. That concerns me. So, I...
  9. Radar Detector

    Someone asked me if Radar Detectors are really effective. My reply was; "Sure they are, as they keep the typically inattentive driver more attentive because they go off so much. As well as put a lot of money into the economy as they cost so much and bring a lot of money into the county...
  10. Friends/Coworkers with Rangers

    I am beginning to see more and more G5 Rangers around the Denver area and it is not uncommon to see them in the parking lots at the grocery store and bookstores. But when I brought my own G5 Ranger home in November I never expected the wife to be as excited as she was to see my Ranger and drive...
  11. Front bumpers: Westin Pro-Mod vs ARB Summit

    Uhh, yeah. It is stouter than what the ARB Summit is. But it needs to be, since it is on a truck that that weighs more than 22,000 pounds. It has a 16.5 Warn winch on it too. (too small to pull the truck, but it works) The ARB Summit is excellent for what it is used for, a truck that weighs...
  12. Denver Dealers with the best service Department

    I have had great success with Phil Long Ford Fleet Sales (I never buy from the retail sales) and service dept. I have purchased 9 new Ford vehicles over the years. Dealing with Gary Howard and Troy Hines (they are still there). Most recently we bought two 2020 Rangers, Lariat and an XLT. bk
  13. Front bumpers: Westin Pro-Mod vs ARB Summit

    I work and live in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana where frequent conflicts with Deer, Elk and Moose occur. With that in mind and previous history of collisions with these animals as a State Trooper, I have included sturdy bumpers and lighting on my trucks. With my 2020 Ranger XLT I...
  14. Colorado For Sale FX4 Shocks and Coil-Overs, Front Bumper/covers 2020 XLT FX4 Ranger

    Yep, I am familiar with that, as well. I have stripped out cars to solidify them for vintage and NASA racing cars. As well as just throwing them in the landfill or metal recycler. Luckily for me, our family has Two 2020 Rangers and can always hold things back to replace parts as they wear...
  15. Colorado For Sale FX4 Shocks and Coil-Overs, Front Bumper/covers 2020 XLT FX4 Ranger

    I am selling the front bumper/coverings and FX4 shocks/coil-overs off of my 2020 XLT FX4 at 1,536 miles, on the odometer. These are in great shape, and ready for a new home. Reason for selling is I upgraded my bumper (ARB Summit) and shocks (Bilstein 5100). Asking $150 for front bumper/covers...
  16. Anyone in the Denver area...

    I'm game to meet up with a few Denver/Colorado Rangers. Obviously it would be good to do this as the weather warms. After that it will be harder to get everyone's schedules to match up.
  17. There are many builds, but this one is mine.

    Took the liberty to put a touch on your photo, as there is some really great detail on the finish of your Ranger project. Looking good.
  18. Shrockworks Rock Sliders GROUP BUY

    I just completed installing mine on Monday and my take on installing it by myself was, "easy!" By using a floor jack I determined where the balance point center was lifted it up and rolled it forward to meet the frame. Then I crawled under the truck and bolted it up. I did drill the one...
  19. Before & After pics....leveling kit & wheels/tires

    Looking at the N-Fab site it appears that these steps attach to the body/cab of the Ranger. Is this correct? Not to the frame? Thanks. b
  20. There are many builds, but this one is mine.

    Do you have a link for this company? A quick search did not yield anything other about audio equipment and condominiums.