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  1. "Mojave Road" in the Fall

    Mike, still not sure if I'll make it. The OB Mojave road clean up is that weekend too and I'm going in November with another OB Group. I got my ticket for Olaf so I'll see you there.
  2. "Mojave Road" in the Fall

  3. "Mojave Road" in the Fall

    Any more details on the meeting point and time? It may be worth going the night before to camp out and have an easy start in the morning. What Comms are you guys running? I have a built-in GMRS and a cheap handheld HAM. Did you guys want to have a meetup before hand?
  4. Post your off-road pics.

    Death Valley
  5. My Overland Build

    Buy Once, Cry Once. That's the best advice when comes to building up your rig. Also checkout all of the videos for Overland Expo. I'm going to the West Expo in Flagstaff. Can't wait!

    Is it straight bolt on? Do you know how much it weighs? Curious as to why you are selling it?
  7. Horns / Wiring

    What Horns are you guys going with? I want to upgrade mine as it sounds like it's water logged now. I upgrade the horns on my motorcycles almost immediately after purchasing the bike. It's a must. I've used Hella, PIAA and Stebl. I'm looking for dual tones. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  8. My Overland Build

    Yep, I use red all the time for my headlamp. I don't like bugs smacking me in the face. I just prefer perimeter lights to be more true to natural light.
  9. My Overland Build

    LED Strips String Lights
  10. My Overland Build

    If you're talking about the Baja Designs S2's then yes, they are too damn bright. I am looking into getting their Rock lights for under the truck. That should diffuse the brightness and provide good coverage around the vehicle. I have some battery powered LED strips that I bought from Amazon...
  11. My Overland Build

    That's funny. No, the hinged half that hangs over the ground isn't always level. I have to level it out by adjusting the extension height of the ladder. Sometimes when I'm on uneven ground I use blocks underneath the ladder. Or I get lazy and deal with a bit of lean. The FSR tents have no...
  12. My Overland Build

    Here's a shot out in the wild. Picture taken on a trail to the Colorado Overlook in Canyonlands NP. I have added the 3.8 gallon Waterport day tank to my setup. You can see it attached to the driver side bed rack. I upgraded the quick connect hose fittings to brass and swapped the hose itself...
  13. Bludrok's Performance Tremor Build

    From the pictures it looks like your truck is too clean. Get out and get it dirty! Nice build though.
  14. Overland Build (2021 Lariat FX4, Fox, SmartCap, iKamper)

    Very nice setup. I eventually want to get the RSI cap. I'll probably end up with a hard shell RTT from FSR or CVT. I want a lower profile shell. Your setup looks great though!
  15. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Interested in purchasing stock hitch receiver. I know that it sits higher than aftermarket ones. Looking for pricing.
  16. Rock Sliders

    I have a set from White Knuckle. They are beefy. I've landed on them a few times. They definitely do the job. Good for steps too if you get the 90* version.
  17. Hungry Valley OHV Trip February 27th

    Where: It's at the Boat in Pasadena. (The Galley) When: 6:00pm. every third Thursday of the month. What: We talk rigs and plan trips and eat and drink.
  18. Hungry Valley OHV Trip February 27th

    Thanks! I joined both groups. One is still pending. I did not see anything listed in the events tab. I assume that you just posted it on the feed. Are any of you on Overland Bound? The Rally Points and threads make using it so much easier than scrolling through Facebook posts. Search for the...
  19. Hungry Valley OHV Trip February 27th

    Big Bear sounds cool. What Facebook groups? Are these open to join?
  20. Hungry Valley OHV Trip February 27th

    Do you guys have any meetups coming up? I haven't seen many Rangers out there. I'm always in for some Offroading and camping.