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  1. Trigger control install, please check my work

    Awesome. I’m just going to copy what you did. So if the truck goes down I’ll direct the insurance company your way.
  2. Trigger control install, please check my work

    So did your truck bring down??
  3. Maxtrax Traction Mats

    Where are you guys mounting your maxtrax? I would love if there was ranger specific bed mount.
  4. 1" Wheel Spacers?

    I’m looking at the BORA and the FactionFab spacers from Stage 3. Is there an actual difference between the two besides the cost?
  5. What are you guys towing?

    Just crossed Marble Canyon on the way to Jacobs Lake. AZ has some amazing views.
  6. Post your off-road pics.

    The damage from my Kaibab mule deer hunt this year. Truck performed perfectly except when the locks froze at 4 in the morning opening day.
  7. Ford Performance and ARB announce winch-capable steel front bumper for the Ranger

    I wonder how long this will take to show up on the ford performance site?
  8. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    She’s already taken too much from me.
  9. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    Just picked this XLT FX4 up, just in time for deer season out here in AZ. My wife thinks it’s her truck, but she should know better.