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  1. Why the interior hate?

    Because like the rest of the vehicle industry, corners were cut to save money on production. No indicator lights on the shift selector. Climate controls should be quick selection knobs instead of two buttons. Hard plastic everywhere, plus it's very cheap since it is sensitive to scratches...
  2. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Is that what I think it is? You lucky dog. It's a screen to a dampener lubrication level monitoring module, a.k.a The Damp 500KHD+!
  3. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Let me guess, the spotless clean lasted about an afternoon? Welcome to the Shadow Black Club lol
  4. Just my opinion - but new Toyota Tundra is UGLY!

    Because for $50,000+, 9 out of 10 people will want something that is aesthetically pleasing too. Now, what that is varies from person to person - and that's the game. Some poor bastard out there loves this new tundra and is probably pre-ordering as you're reading this.
  5. Just my opinion - but new Toyota Tundra is UGLY!

    Diggin the interior. But the front end looks horrible. Then again red trucks aren't for me neither.
  6. How fast have you driven in your Ranger?

    Danger zoooone! Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  7. How fast have you driven in your Ranger?

    About 98mph on HWY i-5 It can an go faster though, this truck wasn't even struggling at that speed.
  8. What Is the Name/Nickname of Your Ranger?

    That color looks amazing in that picture. I don't like it, but out in the forest it sure looks fine.
  9. What Is the Name/Nickname of Your Ranger?

    Shadow. Yes, yes, I know, very impressive.
  10. Cost of Regular vs. Premium Fuel

    In California the difference b/w reg and 92 octane is 0.30c at Costco.. I would've thought the difference would've been greater here. Having said that, the difference is $5 every time I fill up 17gal. Not a big deal, and its better for this engine.

    70$ for 17gallons of 92 here in Comiefornia, every 12 days or so.
  12. What did you do to make her mad?

    Lets see.. I woke up this morning. Yeah, that did it. Happy Wednesday errbody! :)
  13. Long range fuel tank

    But there’s still problems with installation isn’t there? If there wasn’t I would buy one without thinking twice. Hell I would drive to Idaho to have them install it.
  14. If Buying Today, Would You Still Buy the Ranger?

    The gas door has instructions which instructs us to wait 5 seconds before pulling the gas nozzle out after filling. I've waited 10 seconds and a drop or two STILL falls out and drips down the side wall. No big deal, but because of this first impression of the capless system I prefer the capped...
  15. If Buying Today, Would You Still Buy the Ranger?

    * If you were buying today, would you still choose the Ranger? Why? Yeah, knowing what I know so far; it's been a great. Economical. Fun to drive. Easy to drive. * If not, why? What would you buy instead? Why? If I was looking at something else I'd look at the frontier remodel, wait for the...
  16. Lets see those Cab window decals!!

    Saw it a store and it caught my eye.
  17. No Sunroof on 2022?

    Ford doesn't make them right, the f-150 sunroofs have a horrible track record with leaks. And I believe it takes away from head room space but I'm not 100% about that.