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  1. Lift/Leveling kits

    Mine looks much better after installing the Bilsteins set at stock height. They raise the front slightly at the "stock" setting. I did this to preserve ride and travel. I got the Ranger Lifts 1" Tremor lift spacers, so I am going to add those eventually. I think it will be perfect with the...
  2. Eibach or Fox

    I have the Bilsteins and I can report that they are fantastic in case you might be considering those.
  3. Official: 2022 Ranger Splash Is Back. One-time-only Colors to Drop Every Few Months

    I like the Splash wheels. That's about it. Not into decals and such.
  4. Anybody planning to lower their 2019 Ranger?

    Never mind, I read the instructions and it would appear that Belltech shackles would LIFT the rear. You use the OEM shackles if you want the full 6" drop with their flip kit. I just would love to have someone make a different shackle to lower the rear a little. There is room for it. Not...
  5. Anybody planning to lower their 2019 Ranger?

    I wonder if just the rear shackles would work for a slight rear drop for us 4x4 guys to level out without having to raise the front? Of course I doubt Belltech would sell just the rear shackles...
  6. Rear leveling (Lowering the rear 2" with a shackle)

    This is exactly what I want to do, but just waiting for someone to make a lowering shackle kit.
  7. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    Was going to install the pipes today, but to be able to manuver around the truck I need to pull out the wife's CX-5 and we are in a severe storm watch. Last time a nice big tree limb landed outside the garage door. Not trying my luck. Going to shoot for after work tomorrow when the truck...
  8. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    Ended up using the Bilsteins at the lowest setting. I had everything off and was using the trusty spring compressors I have had for years and I did not like how they were looking trying to compress the springs. Due to not wanting to die, lol, and time constraints, I erred on the side of...
  9. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    The Toyo AT3s are VERY nice, btw.
  10. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    New tires and some suspension parts make all the difference.... Now with that done, on to the intercooler pipes. Excited to see how they do.
  11. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    In development. Check out their other Ecoboost stuff for an idea. Visit Mustang forums too.
  12. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    I am excited to get them put on. Hope to find some time this week. I am also finishing my Bilsteins (front), putting on new Toyo OC AT 3's, etc. It's my only week off work this summer. Going to do the CVF Intercooler eventually as well ...
  13. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    Thanks for chiming in Jason.
  14. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    The mount is tilted a little if you look closely.
  15. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    I have the GFB DV+, so we will see how it goes and I can give them feedback.
  16. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    Remember, these are pre-production. I am test fitting, giving feedback, reviewing, etc. Jason from CVF has been incredible to work with.
  17. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    Yes, crinkle finish aluminum. Not sure if paint or powder coat. It is a nice even finish. Nicely machined and constructed. High quality hardware.
  18. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    Honestly too early to be able to say anything about price. That is not anything I am privy to.
  19. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    Aluminum with silicone couplers. These are for me to test fit for them, etc. I wanted to post now mainly to get the word out that other manufacturers are working on solutions. This is a company very prominent in the Mustang Ecoboost world and I am extremely happy to work with them
  20. CVF Intercooler Charge Pipes

    In an effort to find high quality, but reasonably priced, charge pipe and intercooler alternatives, I reached out to CVF to see what they had in the pipeline. Good things it turns out! I just received the prototype charge pipes to install and test. Waiting on an o-ring and then I will get...