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  1. Why the interior hate?

    I have some minor quibbles.... but I think the lariat interior is pretty good.
  2. Discarding K&N filter after getting FP ecoboost tune?

    I just got the FPP tune installed and went ahead and used the K&N filter. I get in to some dusty areas... but not frequently enough to worry about it. I've maintained K&N filters before and they're a piece of cake to clean and oil.
  3. My "Purple Path-Eater" Tremor

    Damn that must have been expensive af. Looks killer though.
  4. Just installed the Ford Performance Tune...

    Excellent info - thank you very much. But yea even though this one is "conservative" it's still pretty great! Everyone that says that this is how it should have come from the factory are completely right.
  5. Just installed the Ford Performance Tune...

    ...and wow this really wakes the truck up! So I had this installed by the dealer. Does this mean I can run other 3rd party tunes.... and if something happens I can just reprogram to the Ford tune and still maintain my warranty? Asking for a friend.
  6. Question regarding 275/70 R18+FP 2.0 kit

    Following. Im stuck deciding between these two exact sizes on black appearance 18s as well.
  7. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    Had my first chance to check one out today. Badlands, 4 door, 35 inch tires. Honestly I was super impressed. The interior was well thought it, it's a good size. Don't think I'll be trading my Ranger for one.... but owning one of each would be a pretty killer combo!
  8. New bronco with 35s from factory…. No crash bars

    Must just depend on which trims get crash tested.
  9. New bronco with 35s from factory…. No crash bars

    i think that’s just the removable fender. I just thought it was funny that with all the debate over crash bars, Fords answer for bigger tires is to delete the bars.
  10. New bronco with 35s from factory…. No crash bars

    They have a new bronco at my Ford dealer. Cool truck by the way. Anyway I though this was interesting… it had 35s from the factory…. And deleted crash bars.
  11. Maverick Approach to Storage

    I can't wait for the day I no longer have kid seats in the back and can care about under/behind rear seat storage again.
  12. Water fording depth

    Oh really? That's concerning. So what the hell are people with dead alternators doing? Throwing a generator in the bed and cranking it up?
  13. Official Ford Next Gen Range Video

    Yea me too. This is what I'm holding out for.
  14. Official Ford Next Gen Range Video

    I just want the twin turbo V6
  15. Official Ford Next Gen Range Video

    I want it.
  16. Water fording depth

    I'm all about taking it slow - Just dont want to find out how deep is "too deep" on the drive home when the alternator dies.
  17. Water fording depth

    Ok I get thats what the owners manual says... and I know the alternator sits low which is why Im a little concerned. I was just curious if maybe that was a super conservative ceiling.
  18. Water fording depth

    I'm heading out to Big Cypress next weekend - and there are definitely times on the trail where water can get a little deep. Whats the max depth when taking it easy I should be able to cross with this thing? Truck isnt lifted.
  19. 2021 Ranger sales down dramatically

    Kinda hard to buy a truck that is barely being produced.
  20. Question regarding 275/70 R18+FP 2.0 kit

    Did you end up getting the 275/65 tires? I'm thinking of doing the same thing.