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  1. 5G Ford Ranger : Cab roof Weight limit ?

    All I see is this generic advice in the owner’s manual. This section applies broadly to many Ford vehicles, rather than being specific to the Ranger. ROOF RACKS AND LOAD CARRIERS Note: If you use a roof rack, the fuel consumption of your vehicle is higher and you may experience different...
  2. Garage Door Opener

    If you program and use the homelink feature in the truck, you never have to deal with a dead fob battery.
  3. Best street tires available?

    I just bought a set of these new Michelin CrossClimate 2 for a Honda CR-V that my college-student daughter is driving. The primary reason for this choice is that it is a four-season tire. They are louder on pavement than the Michelin all-season touring tires that they replaced, and the...
  4. How far are we from a full electric and/or hybrid Ranger?

    I've worked with dozens of building contractors that would never exhaust the battery of an F150 Lightning in the course of a work day, or even several work days. Remote off-road? Only if you bring a solar panel and can wait several weeks, or months, to recharge enough to get home. If you need...
  5. How far are we from a full electric and/or hybrid Ranger?

    Just like the transition from animal power to machine power (which is, even now, not complete) it will not happen all at once, or everywhere at once.
  6. Rv recommendations

    Almost certainly a "one and done" spammer.
  7. Need Painted Door

    There are quite a few of them listed on Shipping can be expensive for parts this size, but not impossible.
  8. 4,200 mile road trip - mostly good, only 1 insurance claim

    RE: Seat comfort. One of the lessons of spinal problems, and aging in general, is that posture matters more than you think. Older and weaker spines want to be as vertical as possible. This is why the Tacoma seats are so bad, and the Wrangler/Gladiator seats are so much better. Nobody likes...
  9. Remembering 911 20 Years Later

    On 11 September, 2001, I was part of the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). We were at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, 29 Palms, California, conducting a large field exercise - part of the final phase of pre-deployment training, before boarding ships headed to the Persian Gulf area...
  10. Wooden Bed Rack

    I should have guessed. I was wondering what was wrong with your current setup that made you want to rebuild. I didn’t notice the dead thread resurrection.
  11. Wooden Bed Rack

    Not sure exactly what you’re trying to do , but I assume you want this rack to cantilever over the cab like the one in your photo. There are many sources of large racks for vans, but all of them rely on full-length support from the van roof. You know that wood will be bulky and heavy to get the...
  12. Just another post that may or maynot make some on here jealous

    There are some significant unknowns here. The most important to me is whether or not it has been tested to failure. Methodology for static and dynamic load testing is important. The “fat ass” test is insufficiently rigorous. On the manufacturer’s website, they show a light motorcycle in the...
  13. Just another post that may or maynot make some on here jealous

    I like the concept, but I don’t like the removing all of the stiffening structure from the tailgate. From the photos, it seems like you could fit a fair amount of rarely-used recovery/emergency supplies in the tailgate without any mods. It would help to have some quick-release fasteners. And...
  14. 2021 Ranger sales down dramatically

    Exactly! Force majeure clauses are a normal feature of this type of contract.
  15. 2021 Ranger sales down dramatically

    Toyota announced a 40% global production cut due to microchip shortages, so maybe they don't "have it made."
  16. If you do not like the looks of the 2022 Ranger you may be able to get the VW Amarok in NA.

    Goodyear Wrangler Territory HT, with a new tread design that doesn't show on their website. Maybe less highway-specific than their existing design, but not much.
  17. If you do not like the looks of the 2022 Ranger you may be able to get the VW Amarok in NA.

    Long-time VW fan here. The only attraction to the Amarok is the availability of VW’s diesel engines in a pickup. I’d say there is zero chance of VW ever bringing another diesel to the North American market, so the Amarok is a pointless non-starter.
  18. Smoker-grill

    When I lived in the California and Arizona desert, we grilled exclusively with mesquite, mostly fallen deadwood. There’s nothing like it. I hate paying for it at the store now, but we do what we must :)
  19. Anecdotal Evidence - A Journey

    Mine looks the same, but the stub is not a cut wire. It is a stiff plastic rod. Maybe a filler for sealing against water intrusion?
  20. Thinking of flipping my spare tire over

    That’s the second crazy cool mod I’ve seen today. Here is the first