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  1. CACTUS GREY Ranger Club Thread

    Here's mine. (301a, FX-4, Bed Utility, Tow package) With the lettering on the tailgate. I thought about leaving it at anger!: But didn't:
  2. 2019 vs 2021 Ranger cost cutting moves for Ford

    Here's one that irked me: 2019/20 had power foldable mirrors. Those are now all the way up to the XLT 302a package. Alas mine has the 301a 😔
  3. New 2021 Ranger Owner Here

    I picked mine up about 2 weeks before you and had the same concerns about the tranny. The hunting got better after about 200 miles but the lugging still concerns me a bit. (I've heard lugging is bad for turbo engines, fwiw.) Sport mode on the shifter fixes the lugging, btw! We have the same...
  4. February 2021 Ford Ranger Sales

    One of those sales was to me. Great truck so far!
  5. Cactus Gray FX4

    This is helpful. Any chance you have the part number for the bumper with the integrated plugs? I want to bring this up with my dealer.
  6. Cactus Gray FX4

    My CG Ranger arrived last night! All I want to do is drive it or stare at the gorgeousness that is Cactus Gray. First impressions - She feels like she needs to be broken in more than any other car I've bought new. It will be hard to wait until the break-in period is over to "have fun". I'm...
  7. Cactus Gray FX4

    I’ve got the same model arriving on order in ~ 3 weeks. More pics of that gorgeousness please!
  8. Cactus Grey, beating a dead horse.

    Excellent! I've ordered the same thing. The CG with sport package looks so much better than the non-sport package, imho. Be sure to post a pic with the new tires.
  9. Rangers in SNOW

    Check the tire pressure. Many on this forum lament the fact that their dealerships didn't adjust the pressure from the factory. Some say the factory set the pressure at like 45psi when it should be closer to 30 or 32.
  10. Turn off data collection

    If anyone is worried about data collection and uses Android Auto, I recommend checking their privacy policy carefully as Google had an interesting history of respecting user privacy...
  11. First Look: 2021 Ranger in Cactus Gray

    I agree. The CG lip moldings don't look as good as the magnetic lip moldings. The gray really helps balance things, as you said.
  12. First Look: 2021 Ranger in Cactus Gray

    😍 Wowza. Can’t wait till mine arrives!!
  13. Comparison of stock vs leveled Rangers in the wild

    Can you tell me about the bike rack in the top photo? Thanks in advance.
  14. First Look: 2021 Ranger in Cactus Gray

    It doesn’t look that bad in person. I was able to see CG on a BS and it looked less 70s green and more light military.
  15. First Look: 2021 Ranger in Cactus Gray

    Thanks for the info. I didn't know the Mach 1 was in the same boat as the Broncos and Ranger. Let's hope I don't have to wrap my brand new BTO truck! lol
  16. First Look: 2021 Ranger in Cactus Gray

    I've been looking, trust me. There is not a CG Ford in my area that I can go look at. Some say that the Mustang Mach 1's Fighter Jet gray is the same. I've even seen Ford say it. Every photo of Fighter Jet Gray looks different from every video of CG, though, so you may be on to something about...
  17. First Time Ranger Owner

    Mind sharing the cost of that leveling kit?
  18. First Look: 2021 Ranger in Cactus Gray

    It's hard to believe that the cans in photos 6 & 7 are the same color with that lighting. CG is going to be a chameleon.
  19. First Look: 2021 Ranger in Cactus Gray

    I'm that worried guy. I've got an FX4 CG on order and am hoping that this lighting is playing tricks and that the real model, in fact, looks better. In Bronco Sport videos on YouTube, the color looks much more vibrant. For example