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  1. First major booboo

    I don't know why the backup alarms didn't go off either. I double and triple checked them when I got home and they are working. I was making a sharp turn as I was backing into a driveway to turn around when I hit the dumpster.
  2. First major booboo

    Yes I am going to look into all of my options first, to include both fixing it myself, paying someone to fix it, or filing an insurance claim.
  3. First major booboo

    I am going to call them. I just don't want rates to go up or get dropped since the adjuster just came to inspect my roof and State Farm is going to replace that. Prices of a new tailgate that still needs painted gave me a bit of sticker shock. I'll see what State Farm has to say in the morning.
  4. First major booboo

    I'm not worried about scratches in the paint, it is a truck after all. But I don't want to look at that hole all the time.
  5. First major booboo

    Well I officially broke the truck (in) today. I backed into a dumpster and dented the tailgate and put a hole in it. The weird part is the backup alarm did not give me any warnings. :curse: Now to look at my options to fix it short of filing an insurance claim, since my insurance company is...
  6. Why the interior hate?

    I wish that the rear seat folded flat and memory settings on at least the driver's seat would be nice. Otherwise I really don't have any complaints on the interior. My other gripes are that if they sell you the factory tow package they should include the electronic brake controller too. And...
  7. What engine fan on 2.3

    Yep. My 97 Ford F150, 02 Jeep Liberty, 18 Jeep Renegade, and 16 Jeep Cherokee were the same way.
  8. Do You Use The Emergency Brake?

    My last two jeeps, a Renegade and newer Cherokee, had electronic activated parking brakes. I went into the vehicle settings to keep the parking brake from automatically engaging every time I shut the vehicles off. I didn't care for the parking brake engaging automatically especially in the...
  9. 4Lo how fast?

    I'm old school. On all of my previous Ford 4x4 trucks and various Jeeps, they recommended never exceeding 25 MPH in 4 LO. I stick with that in the new Ranger too.
  10. Do You Use The Emergency Brake?

    I normally do not use the parking brake when on flat ground but do use it all the time when parked on inclines. I'm old school and have the park pawl break on transmissions in the past. Now during the winter time I will not use it and will try to find the flattest spot to park my vehicles. I...
  11. Ford OEM pivot boxes

    Correct, they won't have any bed liner under them. I had to cut around the bolt and around the tie down brackets too when I added a swing box. If you don't cut around the screws and bracket, you will tear the lining material.
  12. Ford OEM pivot boxes

    Ford installs the tie down brackets and then they spray the bed liner. I forgot to mention that you will also want to cut around the tie downs too since you have to remove them to install the swing box brackets.
  13. Ford OEM pivot boxes

    Yes many of us have done so. You need to carefully cut around the bolt heads with a sharp utility knife so that the spray on liner doesn't tear when removing the bolts.
  14. Recommended tires for a 2019 Ranger for mixed use?

    I will be going with the Falken Wildpeak AT tires when my stock Hankook tires wear out. I have used the Wildpeak AT tires on several different side Jeeps from the Liberty, Renegade, Compass and new style Cherokee. The tires did very well on any the of surface. They also handled well in heavy...
  15. The Lima Motor I would say has proven itself.

    The old Pinto engines were dependable. We use to use them in small Maintenance of Way cars on the rail road. This was before trucks with tram wheels were common. The MoW cars had a 5 speed transmission and a transfer box to allow all five gears in both directions. Them things would fly down the...
  16. Factory Window Tint

    I have found that while 20% looks good all the way around, it makes it difficult for me to see safety at night.
  17. Factory Window Tint

    Also make sure to check your state laws. It is illegal in some states to put anything darker than 35% on the front door windows.
  18. Were Rangers always off-road beasts?

    1983 was the first year for the Ranger.
  19. Were Rangers always off-road beasts?

    But man would they go for ever, especially with the dual fuel tanks. My 83 XLT had dual tanks and I could go a long way before needing to fill up.
  20. Back seat cover

    Yeah I know how that goes. My dog is Lab, Golden Retriever, AND Husky mix.