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  1. Weird button

    Careful, that is called the "wheels fall off truck at high speeds" button!
  2. Garage Door Opener

    That is a good point. Happily, it has not happened yet, but definitely food for thought.
  3. Garage Door Opener

    Hey, Joe, thanks for your comments. However, in my situation, I never park the truck outside of the garage unless I am with it, washing or loading it, for example. And I basically never go anywhere except in my truck, which means I am not leaving it home alone with the fob inside. Also, since we...
  4. Garage Door Opener

    Truth to tell, I have this feature on my Lariat but have never linked it to the garage door. I just keep the garage-opener's original fob in the truck's console. I open the garage door with the manual button on the wall when I enter the garage from the house, and then when I drive out the garage...
  5. The Ford Ranger is the Cheapest Pickup of 2021

    Sure, unless you count the mods!
  6. Best street tires available?

    I changed the stock-Hankooks for stock-sized Falkens and am very happy with them as street tires. But then, I slow down when I turn....
  7. My "Purple Path-Eater" Tremor

    It looks like a can of purple Rock Star Energy Drink on wheels! And I mean that as a compliment! Love it!
  8. First Look 2023 Ranger: Unmasked and Testing!

    This is all just personal preference, but I do not find the front end shown to be ugly at all. So if they are putting something more powerful in there, combined with updated suspension and interior upgrades (like a better music system, even the B&O Unleashed that the high-end 150s get), then I...
  9. First Look 2023 Ranger: Unmasked and Testing!

    Yes, it is the same one that we saw on the forum several days ago. I recognize the kangaroo....
  10. Ordered a New Ranger. After reading about the numerous problems on this Forum I am not sure I made a good choice.

    Hey, Kenny, I did basically the same thing, ordering the truck first, learning about it later, sort of like the satire of a court session, "first the verdict, then the evidence!" Since I took delivery in summer 2019, I have done a ton of mods but have not had a single mechanical misfunction of...
  11. Do You Use The Emergency Brake?

    I noted "rarely," that is, hardly ever but not never: Only when parking on a hill but generally, no, not worth the trouble,
  12. Why the level? Why the rake?

    I levelled purely to get the benefit of a better ride when I installed the Ford Performance Two-Inch Leveling Kit. My interest was in improving the suspension, not lifting the front up. However, afterwards, I noticed that I enjoyed the view from the higher position of the cabin, the better...
  13. Do we have an auto-lock feature?

    I can assure you that I have never done this after dark....
  14. Ranger to Frontier?

    Have to admit, it looks pretty good alongside the Ranger! How is the ride quality on the Nissan?
  15. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    Truck looks great, man.
  16. Do we have an auto-lock feature?

    For me, I always lock it after getting out by brushing against the door handles until it clicks. Then, walking away, just in case, I take out the fob and push twice until it honks. With that "goodbye" honk, I feel secure that we are all locked up. So far, so good. A timed locking function would...
  17. Official Ford Next Gen Range Video

    Very cool video, and the truck looks great. I was wondering where the video was filmed until the kangaroo hopped across the road! And yeah, Ford is good at making these. I wanted a Ranger from the first time I saw the video where they put one up on a hill somewhere, crank the guitars, and then...
  18. Just another post that may or maynot make some on here jealous

    When you say that it is a "pile of shit," what do you mean exactly? What kind of problems do they have? What would Ford have to do with it to make it right? I love the concept but don't really understand all the issues involved in making it work. I also find the tailgate-opening options on the...
  19. Just another post that may or maynot make some on here jealous

    Thanks for posting this. Very interesting concept. I am still hoping that Ford will start offering something like the Ram's built-in storage for the two bed walls! (Yeah, they are lockable and drainable, if you take my meaning....)
  20. Just my opinion - but new Toyota Tundra is UGLY!

    Just my opinion, but I agree with you!