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  1. Brakes failed!

    Scary stuff. Not much you can do besides let them fix it.
  2. $3750 Trade-in incentive

    Is this incentive listed on Ford’s website somewhere?
  3. One regret.

    So you bought a truck you really couldn’t afford, even though it really wasn’t the one you wanted, you have spent $1,000’s of dollars on a LEASED vehicle haha. Are you 20 years old!! Jesus. Add 4wd! Seriously? Tell me this was a joke post. And no, I’m not reading through this dumb ass thread.
  4. Think I Threw a Rod....

    Lol you guys and all this wasted time trying to change the mind of a stranger on the Internet who happens to own the same model truck as you.
  5. Amazing what 2" can do

  6. Consumer Reports has HUA

    Meh. I just go drive them and make up my own mind. CarMax has a 1,500 miles or 30 day return policy right now.
  7. Back of seat Molle

    I didn’t say you said they don’t work. Jesus. Reading comprehension requires considering the context. Pistol length upper with pistol brace- and somehow you get rifle from that? Why would anyone put a PISTOL brace on a rifle lower. They only go on PISTOL lowers. Do you understand?
  8. Back of seat Molle

    I didn’t suggest that. I said sbr or pistol ar with brace. I have had many sbr, suppressors, sbs, and pre 1986 full autos and many pistol length ak, ar, galil, scorpion, sig mpx, etc with braces. Works just fine. Just wait until Biden issues his executive order in a few days....
  9. ISO Recommendations: Jerry Cans and Gasoline / Petrol Storage

    The drum stays in your garage. But now that you mention it, you could get a fuel tank in your bed.
  10. Thinking about purchasing a Ranger

    Are the new frontiers available? I’d like to check those out. I love my Ranger. Get a lariat if you get one.
  11. ISO Recommendations: Jerry Cans and Gasoline / Petrol Storage

    50 gallon drum with a pump if your serious about storing fuel.
  12. Disappointed In "The Works"

    Is your truck brand new? Not much to report if so! I don’t have many instances where a tech tells me something i didn’t already know.
  13. ISO Recommendations: Jerry Cans and Gasoline / Petrol Storage

    Wen you are using words to communicate, considering the reader is an important step you over looked here.
  15. Bed Bike Rack

  16. Drove a Lariat Tremor Today

    That’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. Too much off-road stuff for me. But it looks sweet!
  17. Well, my 93 octane tune just became costly. Kaboom.

    I gotta tow the bikes to the racetrack this weekend (120 miles one way) so I have to use 93 according to the manual. Yay ☹️