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  1. Which levelling kit to purchase?

    From what I have read, Fordrangerlifts is the best route besides Rough Country. It’s a tad bit more expensive but not by much. I plan to go with FordRangerLifts when I get the chance. He’s also a forum member on here. I’m in the same budgetary position so I’ve looked a lot.
  2. My dealership took care of me today.

    May I ask which dealership? I see you are in Texas so wondering which one is a great one around here.
  3. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Not today but just got back from a week long trip to Galveston, TX. Drove on and hung out on the beach almost every day. Also went and hit some of the sand trails on San Luis Pass one day for some fun.
  4. Gas Mileage @ 65mph

    Last Friday I took a trip down to Galveston, TX for the entire week. While on the highway I decided to reset my trip and see what I was averaging for my MPG. After awhile, including some rush hour traffic, I decided to check where I was at and snapped this picture. 30 MPG! I think near the end...
  5. SE Texas

    I ended up doing some research today and believe I found a pretty good shop in the Houston area. Incredible reviews and looks like they mostly specialize in lifts/levels/tires/rims for trucks. Looks like their guy Roy really knows his stuff and will actually help and explain everything to you...
  6. Diamondback Covers

    Do any of you all have a decked system installed under the diamondback cover? If so, I am curious the amount of room, if any, is left between the two. I am debating between going with a bed cap and decked system, or a diamondback cover with the possibility of a decked system. I have things I...
  7. SE Texas

    I figured I would post this here first just in case. I recently replaced my rear shocks with the Bilsteins. Any one interested in purchasing some FX4 rear shocks in the Houston area? Replaced around 5k miles so slightly used. Willing to hear any offer as they have been sitting doing nothing...
  8. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Installed these bad boys yesterday, rear only. Amazing how much it helps. I’m not preparing myself before going over speed bumps anymore! Install was simple, bit of a PITA without jacking up the truck, but doable. Shoutout to Stage 3 for the quick shipping and keeping me informed on the order!
  9. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    This was about two weeks ago but forgot to post. Went camping for a night At Westcliff Park on Belton Lake. Amazing place. However, we weren’t ready for the massive winds coming off the lake that night. The entire night our tent was falling in on itself from the strong gusts and I was running...
  10. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Had my first service completed at my Ford dealership. Oil change along with tire rotation. "Free" thanks to the FordPass Points. No other issues reported!
  11. Mountain Hatch

    I am with you, thats what took me so long to install. Luckily they have a Vet discount and I ended at about $209 with shipping.
  12. Mountain Hatch

    Already got it! Just forgot to install today and dont feel like dealing with it now.
  13. Mountain Hatch

    Installed my Mountain Hatch this afternoon. Absolutely love it. Took me about half an hour to install. Most of that was cutting away at the bed liner on the screws so I could screw them out to install. Does make the tailgate slightly heavier, but that’s not issue to me. EDIT: In case any of...
  14. 2020 FX4 unknown sound/problem

    I had to double check that was your video and not some strange noise coming from outside.
  15. January 2021 Ford Ranger Sales Increase 4.8%, Best Retail Start Since 2005

    I think Ranger sales will continue to increase as they are more and more in the public eye. I was looking at a Tacoma for probably 5-6 months. I fooled around with some of the other midsize trucks but nothing serious. I never even considered a Ford Ranger because I hardly saw/heard of them...
  16. How is this deal on a 2020 Lariat?

    Sounds good to me as well. Prices also very dependent on where you are located. Not much, but maybe by a grand or two. I’m in Texas, so any pickup is always a bit higher. I grew up in northern Virginia and you saw pickups, but not like in Texas!
  17. Is this a good price 2020 ranger xlt

    I’d take it. Down here in Texas I’d say it’s around that price for that entire package. Not many 2020s with 4wd left from what I’ve seen.
  18. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Put on the blue FX4 emblem to replace the stock red one. Unlike a lot of people, I actually like the Fx4 on the truck. I’m just more of a blue guy. My dad even liked it so much, he ordered one for his F150 the same day! EDIT: Also put in LEDs in the license plate lights. All in all, took less...
  19. SE Texas

    Looking to get Bilstein 5100s on all corners soon and then get them installed at a shop. Anyone have and recommendations on a good shop to do this, + and alignment in/around Houston? Also, keep seeing a blue ranger sport in the heights area. Saw it at a Kroger this past week. Is that any of you?
  20. Tremor rear tow hooks In this video they briefly show the tow hooks. Not a great view but at least an idea.