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  1. A bad day for the Ranger

    Sorry to hear about your truck. I'm surprised the frame was that damaged. My Brother-in-law rear ended another truck a while back. His frame was bent, but minimal body damage (Lifted truck, other truck went under his). They actually frame swapped the whole thing and get him back on the road...
  2. Why the interior hate?

    I really have no complaints about the interior. The climate control buttons on this truck aren't so bad compared to the 2012 Fusion I used to have. I do miss having the 3 knobs like my older Ford trucks used to have. Much more user friendly. Edit -I'd also like the kick the engineer in the nuts...
  3. Future WABDR Group Run

    No, unfortunately this never happened this year. Summer ended up being too busy for me (work, kids, the works). There still is some time this year before snowfall, but most likely next spring.
  4. Official: 2022 Ranger Splash Is Back. One-time-only Colors to Drop Every Few Months

    Nice to see the Ranger getting some more love from Ford. The new package looks good to me. I'm interested to see the interior pictures and what the Snow Edition will look like (wonder if it's all white like the Mach E and Mustang they just released?)
  5. Alex's Velocity Blue FX4

    Nothing really new for the truck, but I did pick up a dirt bike hauler since I have the canopy on now. My son is excited to start riding his Honda 50.
  6. Alex's Velocity Blue FX4

    My canopy was installed today. I love the way it looks on this truck!
  7. Intake Valve Deposit Cleaning Process

    The Ford Tech Makuloco on YouTube put up a video on cleaning Ecoboost Intake valve deposits. He's usually referring to the 2.0 EB, but I imagine the same could be experienced on the 2.3 over time. He does a great job explaining various Ford repairs in his videos and recommend a subscribe to his...
  8. Alex's Velocity Blue FX4

    No worries. I will move that to the top of the To Do list. Thanks! Hadn't put much thought into it lately since I'm on a different shift now and spend a lot less time in stop and go traffic.
  9. Dear Aftermarket, Improve the Brake Pedal, Please!

    Here you go. I installed Powerstop Rotors and pads on my F-150 and they were great improvement over stock! I'll do the same to my ranger when it's time. These fit the Ranger I believe our friends at @Stage3Motorsports carry PowerStop...
  10. Tremor vs. FX4 build

    Well it's up to do on what you want to do with the truck. You may come in a little cheaper adding the Fox shocks to an FX4, but you won't gain everything the Tremor has. Besides what you already mentioned, the Tremor also has different rear leaf springs to achieve a little extra rear height that...
  11. Alex's Velocity Blue FX4

    A few updates today. Changed the oil today myself for the first time, but made two mistakes. I picked up oil and filter from my local dealer. Requested everything for a '21 Ranger, but they gave me 5w20 oil instead of 5w30. Didn't catch it until after I poured in 6 quarts of course. Checked the...
  12. LINEX costs?

    I've been thinking about acolor match LineX before my canopy install. That picture has convinced me. Would help it be not so dark back there.
  13. Sync 3 v3.4 Build 21020

    Thank you @Gizmokid2005 I did disconnect the battery when I hooked up the controller. Didn't think it was feature in the manual. I'll give it a try!
  14. Sync 3 v3.4 Build 21020

    Well I was able to get this update downloaded in my garage over Wifi. Seems to went well other than now my drivers window doesn't auto roll down (still moves, just the auto part of it doesn't function anymore). Probably unrelated, but just happened at the same time Side note, I did also just...
  15. Sale/Group Buy Poll

    I'd be looking at suspension also. Bilsteins really helped my F-150 when I had it. Would be interested in for my Ranger also. Or even going for the FOX 2.0.
  16. 2023 Ford Ranger Spotted Testing Alongside Current Generation Tremor

    Ah let the excitement begin. Wife already told me not to get any ideas haha but after owning my truck for a few months, there's definitely a few ergonomic updates I hope they make in the next gen truck. Really curious to see what it will look like.
  17. Fuel in oil

    I've been going through this thread and had these same thoughts. Has anyone figured out how to update the system to not charge the fuel pressure when engine is off? Might not stop fuel from getting in the oil, but at least stop adding fuel to the cylinders once initial pressure has bled off. I'm...
  18. Before pickups became luxury vehicles

    I would totally road trip in something like that.
  19. Carpet Bubble

    Thanks. That's what I'll do. I did attempt to loosen a couple screws on the center console to see if I could get a little slack in it, but no luck. It's really pinned down in that area. Looked at the parts catalog and the carpet covers more of trans tunnel than I thought.
  20. Uncomfortable seats

    I know this is an old thread, but I was searching around since I find my driver seat a little on the uncomfortable side. Granted, my preivous truck was a '13 F-150, but still feel like there was a little room for improvement. I found some pictures of the difference between the drivers and...