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  1. Soft/Mushy/Inconsistent Brake Fix?

    Are some Rangers not getting properly bled during assembly? Happy my brake is firm and normal...
  2. Engine squeal

    Probably squealing with delight... 😜 Possibly belt is loose...
  3. What's your brake pads life span?

    78,000+...still on track to make it past 100,000 miles on original rotor/pads...
  4. Ranger Mileage Report

    Here's a lot of data here...
  5. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    LOL...Michigander is the last best description of natives there...maybe they'll come up with something better now that it's POT country... 😄
  6. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    Congrats Mike...I'm native Michigander and recently completed a 3,500 mile trip from NC to Detroit, UP and back down through Wisconsin...wife and I were on a reunion mission so didn't do any time I'd like to try out the dunes...
  7. Seat Quality...WTF???!!!

    How long are the one you have?
  8. It’s done. One piece driveshaft!

    What vibration? 😜
  9. Seat Quality...WTF???!!!

    Actually, this design has the belt anchor traveling with the seat and the relationship remains constant keeping the belt from contacting the bolster...
  10. 021C New Ideas....

    Good ole Jay May's days...
  11. Seat Quality...WTF???!!!

    One on each side works'll have an extra pair if the pad wears out...
  12. Seat Quality...WTF???!!!

    I'm 6' and seat is positioned back...also, the belt would ride higher when wrapped around my 32" waist...even higher if you have a beer gut...
  13. Wolf Haus power outlet

    I have that option...I ordered mine with that 12v cig's located in the rear driver side under the bed liner cap access to the tie downs...
  14. Wolf Haus power outlet

    So this part is for trucks without Ford's 12v optional plug...👍
  15. Wolf Haus power outlet

    How is this different from the 12v bed cig plug outlet?
  16. Wolf Haus power outlet

    I got my Carrot Powerhouse 2000 installed great...
  17. Wolf Haus power outlet

  18. ARB Summit Rear Bumper

    Time to rear end someone else... 😜
  19. vibration from take off

    God forbid if the rear suspension goes up and down while you're driving...let alone loading anything in your bed...your drive shaft angle will be messed up...that's not what a truck is designed to do folks... 😜