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  1. Question about rear shock replacement

    Ya about 30 Ya about 30 for me also and that includes having 2 beers
  2. Wax/Paint Protection

    I remember spending hours hand wax numerous vehicles.. The TW Ceramic wet wax is probably the best jump in results for the time spent I have done since getting a DA
  3. Thin Sound When Shutting Front Doors

    Do I need to buy any spare clips? Did you break any?
  4. Fuel in oil

    Has the level been above the top hole on the dip stick
  5. Driveshaft Phasing

    Aftermarket 1 pc drive shaft
  6. Fuel in oil

    Interesting.. I am also wandering about the oil cooler? Does only the models with the tow package have it? And can it be easily bypassed?
  7. Fuel in oil

    Nope purchased an extended warranty and just not going to worry about it.. Mine is steady just above the full mark
  8. Driveshaft Phasing

    No doubt I will be ordering one..
  9. Driveshaft Phasing

    Well this looks interesting
  10. Fuel in oil

    Mine is still high just a bit over the top hole.. Purchased an 8yr 100k Esp plan just going to change it every 5k.. Just drive it an not worry about it
  11. Ford ESP Extended Warranty?

    Fiy the code still works.. Just purchased extra care 8 year 100k 200 deductible for 875
  12. Fuel in oil

    During the troubleshooting of my truck they asked if I had any hesitation as that would point to an injector issue.. I had not had any and the conclusion was to replace the HPFP Best of luck
  13. 2021 ranger black out tailgate emblem part number

    These are the ones I got..
  14. Driveshaft Phasing

    Anyone happen to have a spreadsheet made up already to calculate the frequencies?
  15. If Buying Today, Would You Still Buy the Ranger?

    Yes but I definitely would look over the truck better and do a longer test drive to test for vibrations
  16. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop
  17. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    I had the TSB done it helped some but after I shimmed the center bearing 3/4 of an inch it is finally gone..
  18. Removing front/rear emblem 2019 Ranger

    There are 2 10mm nuts holding on the front emblem.. I accessed them from the bottom vent..