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  1. Hurricane IDA and a Ford Ranger

    Good story Theo. I can attest to the damage suffered in your area. I was one of those guys slinging a chain saw down there and removing trees from roads and homes. I was a bit south of you in Houma and Dulac. Just got back to my home Sunday. What a mess. Still no power when I left Houma and they...
  2. If Buying Today, Would You Still Buy the Ranger?

    I test drove a F150 Hybrid today. Awesome truck in every respect. It even had this cool little piece of trim. Gonna wait for a Ranger Hybrid though. Still too big.
  3. Truck won't start and radio dead. New Ranger 2021 Lariat 4x4 501a package.

    Just last week the pass side front axle went bad on my 2019 w 14,000 miles. Dealership in CT took just 3 days to find a new axle, have it delivered and installed. I asked what might have caused the axle to fail and they suggested that maybe when I went north on the Autotrain, that the Auto-train...
  4. I'm Alive But Still Got A Long Way To Go

    I had the shots. Not a big deal. Just a little headache is all.
  5. I'm Alive But Still Got A Long Way To Go

    Glad to hear that you’re on the mend brother. The Rona is no joke. All the best.
  6. Anybody Seen Dave?

    To Dave. I feel your pain brother. I been through the Rona myself in June and it was THE closest I ever felt to death, and I've been shot, stabbed, hit by several cars, and fell off a house roof. Hang in there buddy, hopefully it will pass very quickly. Feel better. Lots of folks here in...
  7. New Nissan Z - good potential but one big failure.

    I don't know Jack. I think it looks much better after just a few beers.
  8. New Product - Morimoto XB LED Replacement Headlights

    Totally agree. Too little, too late, too too much, too bad. Alpha’s look great and are more reasonably priced.
  9. Darwin Award Thread

    The “Bernie” sticker says it all. 🤪
  10. to all LEER CAP owners

    ^^^^^^^^ This….
  11. Ford Bronco having severe roof problems...

    While I tend to agree with that statement, my first year (for US market) 2019 Ranger has been flawless. The Aussies did a great job and I’m extremely happy with my first model year US Ranger.
  12. Military Using Ranger

    Jack , I knew I recognized you from somewhere. You’re the Zohan!
  13. price per gallon ?

    CBD Oil, 3 oz = $119.00 or $5119.00 for a gallon.
  14. Hazard/4-way flashers

    Kent, is this you?
  15. Hazard/4-way flashers

    I know how you feel. Like me, you probably drove one of these. I like that they have tires made of rubber now.
  16. Is Ford Cursed?

    It really is, but like Elvis Impersonators, it’s never going away.
  17. Is Ford Cursed?

    I’ll bet the dampers failed . 😂😂😂 Yeah, I had to go there. 🤪🤣
  18. Military Using Ranger

    Brother, that rifle is almost bigger than you. A man of your stature would be better off with something like this.
  19. Military Using Ranger

    Very Interesting that they swapped out the standard Lariat LED headlights for the Alpha Rex LED’s.
  20. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    You guys in AZ and the others in MA have nothing compared to us in FL. You’re not even in the top 10 ranking for worst drivers. Having driven in both your states, I can tell you that South Florida has the absolute worst drivers in America. Were it not for the rest of Florida balancing out our...