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  1. It’s done. One piece driveshaft!

    Ford's behavior over the past couple of years in terms of ripping value out of the trucks has certainly made me far more likely to believe that they chose a drive shaft based entirely on what was cheapest.
  2. How far are we from a full electric and/or hybrid Ranger?

    dams aren't looking like a big winner right now in much of the US; hoover's generating capacity is down significantly because of the drought, and oroville (tallest dam in the US) shut down for the first time this year due to lack of water. maybe it makes sense somewhere with fewer water supply...
  3. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Nope, can't get it in a 2 door so the bed is ridiculously tiny. Current ranger really is just about perfect, so of course it needs to get f'd up.
  4. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    The same argument explained why ford didn't need to bother selling the ranger--they already had trucks figured out and weren't losing any customers. Then they decided to sell the ranger again and got a bunch of new customers. The number of sales they'd get with a different design is basically an...
  5. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Yes, this was (IMO) a competitive advantage for Ford: at launch, you could get just about everything on a 2 door that you could get on a 4 door. Now, like everyone else, more and more stuff is only available on a 4 door. Another case of, "oh well, just less reason to buy one".
  6. Wolf Haus power outlet

    oh, you're the one :crackup:
  7. Wolf Haus power outlet

    Which is essentially all of them except for some people who decided they also wanted the drop-in bedliner. For some reason ford won't (wouldn't?) let you option the plug with no bedliner or spray-in bedliner.
  8. Wolf Haus power outlet

    it's entirely the same thing, except with an existing hole instead of major surgery. ford would have sold a zillion 12v kits if they'd just made a hole for their part, instead a 3rd party gets the sales. :)
  9. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    yes, we can hold out hope that it won't suck as bad as the spy shots suggest, until we see the final thing. :)
  10. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    In the old days when you got hit by a car you'd get both your legs broken then you'd flip into the hood and roll off. Now the grill hits you in the chest and causes massive internal injuries before you get flung down onto the pavement. I'm not sure how the hood styling helps. Or if it's a kid in...
  11. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    No, I think it will be wider and taller in the front to accommodate the v6. Someone else talked about bulges. It doesn't really bother me, either (except for the general annoyance that this fashion trend has made trucks/suvs more dangerous for people outside them): I just won't buy one.
  12. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Which is negated by a high front end that smashes people instead of letting them roll over the hood. This is for fashion and the stupid v6, not safety.
  13. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    I don't care about looks, I care about visibility over the hood--which the designers in AU apparently care about more than the fashion designers in the US.
  14. Tremor vs. FX4 build

    I don't expect it to fix everything, just the horrible experience that buying a car at a dealer is compared to buying basically anything else.
  15. Seat Quality...WTF???!!!

    gaffers tape?
  16. Tremor vs. FX4 build

    Well, you learned an expensive lesson about buying something sight unseen. The typical purchase workflow, even for a custom order, is that it isn't yours until you sign all the papers and you don't do that until you've seen the truck. Regardless of whatever bs assurances you get, the only ones...
  17. Do You Use The Emergency Brake?

    Stop and go cruise control option?
  18. Engine Cover missing , how weird

    They did, but as mentioned above, Ford's cheap.
  19. Need help on widening the stance

    I swear, every time this thread title hits the top of the feed I think of senator Larry Craig.
  20. I finally cut open the OEM muffler!

    Add me to the "mufflers aren't exactly wiper blades" camp that would be both shocked and unhappy if the muffler on a new car only lasted 40k. I think the last time I replaced a muffler was on an 83 Toyota with 150k miles. Like everything else in a car, they've gotten better over the years.