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  1. It’s done. One piece driveshaft!

    Very glad that this worked for you. Just saying the one piece shaft may not work for everyone. It does take many variables out of the equation though. Balancing and tuning a two piece shaft is a very complex issue. Especially taking into account the angle are always changing depending on...
  2. It’s done. One piece driveshaft!

    I would be careful saying the two piece drive shaft is the problem with the Ranger. There are many of us, me included, that have absolutely no vibration/shudder issues with our trucks. Many theories/causes/cures have been proposed. None have been proven to be the magic pill. There has been...
  3. It’s done. One piece driveshaft!

    Very interesting numbers. Since the ten speed is overdrive in 8, 9 and 10th gear, that means the drive shaft is running faster than the engine in those gears. Don't remember what RPMs we are running at what speeds in what gears. Don't think it's that high, but worth a check.
  4. Automatic Tailgate Locking - Ranger Tremor

    Me too, thought it was a mandatory safety feature.
  5. Automatic Tailgate Locking - Ranger Tremor

    Correct: If you disable auto lock, if you can, then anyone could open a door while the truck is moving. Not a safe condition. Normally the first press of the unlock button only unlocks the drive door and the second press unlocks all the rest. You can change this in the menus to unlock everything...
  6. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Your right Ford and all the other manufactures sure have you truck buyers figured out. Nobody will deny the F150 is a great truck. But, why did a perfectly capable full size half ton truck need to turn into a behemoth that won't fit in an average garage. They use to be a utility vehicle used for...
  7. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Lots of wishes and dreams. I agree a manual transmission would be nice. I miss the 5 speed in my 2011 First automatic new vehicle I've owned, learned to drive on a 3 on the tree. LOL I don't see why we need a V6? 300+ HP is not enough? Why does the Ranger have to get even slightly larger...
  8. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Really loved my 2011 XLT, 4.0, 5 speed Ranger. Traveled all over the country with our kids and a popup camper. Got tired of setting up and taking down the camper. Upgraded to a 4000 lb TT. The old Ranger just wasn't up to the task. So, was glad to see the new Ranger come out after the 8 year...
  9. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Ahh!, so we are designing now for less bodily damage when we hit people because we couldn't see them over the big jacked up hood. Makes sense now.
  10. Whooooo Hoooooo

    Sorry Mark, he had it right. It is a OBD thingie. It stands for On Board Diagnostics port version 2. As in OBDII.
  11. Whooooo Hoooooo

    Still have that exact model on my bed side stand. Still works great. Used the alarm right up till I retired.
  12. How to get the fog lights to work with the DRLs

    Not really sure on this. You could try setting the DRL Configuration parameter in the BdyCM to either Not Defined or Dedicated DRL which is the Lariat setting.
  13. Engine Cover missing , how weird

    Anything can be added for the $$$. Levittown has a kit with the required fasteners.
  14. Engine Cover missing , how weird

    XLTs never came with them, only LARIATs.
  15. Black headliner, sun visors and trim questions

    Just letting you know that ROW trim is not the same as NA.
  16. Black headliner, sun visors and trim questions

    Be careful. People who have gotten the Rest of World driver side A piller trim to add a drive side grab handle have reported that the trim is different and will not fit our North American Rangers.
  17. 12 volt plug in BED

    It was, works great. He has it with a split harness so you can tie in bed lights as well.
  18. Boost pressure gauge

    As said the waist gate and BOV are very well controlled on these trucks. If you want to minimize the transmission shifting, be sure to use tow mode and lock out at least 9th and 10th gears. Maybe 7th if you are in hilly areas. The boost gauge is neat but more useful for towing is probably engine...
  19. Alpharex PRO Review

    It is dark out and the truck running right? That's what it takes for the lights to come on in Auto.
  20. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Will do. Just did a weekend camping trip and going to retorque them tomorrow.