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  1. License plate screw

    on a 2019 Sport Lariat, they are just screws, no cap.
  2. alignment specs after leveling

    Does anyone have the specs, not before and after, but what the range is?
  3. alignment specs after leveling

    Thanks, do you have the parameters? Yours would fall out of some of the parameters my dealership used.
  4. alignment specs after leveling

    I leveled a bit ago, love everything about it, except the look head on. The tires are not straight. I asked when I picked up after alignment and was told it was within specs. I bought it... It was just the other day I'm seeing more wear on one tire, the one that doesn't look right. I dug out my...
  5. Windshield replacement

    I would wonder if aftermarket windshields would have the sound coating my Lariat came with. If insurance wanted me to get the less expensive aftermarket one (if ever available) it would have to come with that coating for sure.
  6. Head rest

    Never thought of that, thanks, I'll try it out.
  7. Carvana is paying big $$

    Oh yeah, there was a recall or something to to bearing clearances. Ours was tested last year and passed. When we heard rapping, loud at first then went away, they did test again and it failed twice. 100K warrantee was extended to 120K to protect consumer, and it did just that. I would buy again...
  8. Head rest

    Yes, but the angle still forces head forward
  9. Head rest

    Thanks, I tried, but that only affects back angle, not neck angle.
  10. Carvana is paying big $$

    Now I on the other hand have had great experience with the Hyundai warrantee. 2014 Santa Fe Sport 2.0 turbo. 92K new transmission, just today, complete new engine, under warrantee at 103K. No short block, but complete engine sans turbo. And they know how to design a vehicle to be user friendly...
  11. Head rest

    I am having issues with my neck, and driving is even worse as the headrest tilts my head down a bit. I have thought about heating and bending the bracket/bars at the point the come out of the headrest, so the up/down function would still work, if I could take them out of the fabric. I also...
  12. Carvana is paying big $$

    OK, took off the suspension mod and it went up to 33k, still not near enough to trade in. Couldn't replace it for that price.
  13. Carvana is paying big $$

    For squeaks and giggles, I looked into Carvana, I guess in CT, they don't want my 2019 Lariat, 13k mint. Offer of 29k And they misspoke about saving on sales tax. In CT, they tax on sales price, not minus trade in. Bless those who got great deals and decided to trade. Like I said, Squeaks and...
  14. Side Steps - Yay or Nay?

    Yay for looks - although I do not like the look of all Yay for protecting truck from rocks, because I have 1.5" spacers (sounds like dinner bell ringing when driving over dirt/gravel roads) Yay for my shorter wife, and 90 yo Pop
  15. black streaks on white truck

    One of the secondary reasons I buy white vehicles is that I find, in my opinion, that white does hide the dirt best. I love the shine of dark colors, but have better things to do with my weekends than washing and waxing all the time. My 2019 Platinum white doesn't streak like that. By any...
  16. 110v option like F150

    I've seen the commercial enough times to pique my interest, you know the one, the guy building a cabin using power from his in bed outlet, lights, saw... Has anyone done or looked into the cost of adding that to a Ranger? If it was inexpensive enough, I think it would be a nice option to have...
  17. Start stop disable free & QUESTION

    No dog in this fight.... I do believe that Phil S stated in another post/another thread/same topic that the starters are designed to have a longer cycle life to compensate for the added cycles...
  18. Installed rear Bilstein’s

    Most of my driving, 99% is on paved roads. Going to my retirement home in VT is dirt, but other than washboarded areas, very smooth. My only complaint is that there is some side to side rocking on uneven area of roads. Will a shock upgrade give me a ride where I feel every bump more? Not talking...
  19. Anyone running dual dampers?

    Personally, I think I'd wait for a power assist up hydraulic system to come on the market.
  20. Traded my Ranger today

    I have a Generac 5500, with a switch box I installed in house, I can run well, boiler, 3 refigerators, all lights and outlets and not miss a beat. Didn't hook up range because no room, but grill works fine along with large toaster oven. Down side is so damn loud..