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  1. Camber bolts for 2.5" level?

    I've heard this before.. I'm definitely going to see about a replacement pair now. Hahahaha I'd love some boggers but I don't want any more of a hit to muh mpg's
  2. Camber bolts for 2.5" level?

    I was going to go after them for a free tire rotation.. but a pair of tires actually sounds more fair. They're probably worn funny enough where they wouldn't stand up straight so..
  3. Camber bolts for 2.5" level?

    Yeah I see why they gave me the R.C kit now haha, of course.
  4. Camber bolts for 2.5" level?

    The ford kit isn't just spacers?
  5. Camber bolts for 2.5" level?

    My dealer did install a R.C level, which I found wierd.. as ford performance has their own... Well see what happens Monday. I'm hoping they don't let me down by giving me the runaround.
  6. Camber bolts for 2.5" level?

    Thanks for the reply. Well see what the deal is Monday. Annoying.
  7. Camber bolts for 2.5" level?

    Dealer supplied and installed a 2.5" level as part of bargaining during my truck purchase, and "aligned" it after. I thought a couple days after i picked the truck up that there was some noticeable positive camber. this suspicion has been IMO been proven true due to the fact that just a few...
  8. I Traded My Ranger Today - So Long, and Thank You

    Whyd you trade it in? And what are you moving on to?
  9. Cap vs camper shell vs topper regional terminology

    After joining another ranger forum a year or so ago.. I was enlightened to the fact that not everyone calls a cap... a cap. Some of you (wierdos) call them camper shells, or toppers. This made me uncomfortable honestly.. like the people who call a driveshaft a drive line.. wtf? Its clearly a...
  10. How about some Jokes

    How many flies does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Two. Nobody seems to know how they got in the lightbulb though.
  11. What to see/do in Dallas and Waco

    Could always check out the ol koresh compound..
  12. DGM Tailgate support

    I'm planning on getting a pair of 2x12s to park my wheeler on when it's in the truck. That will take a great deal of weight off the gate.
  13. Tailgate loading

    Christ, taco tailgates fold right up like.... a taco almost. I'm going to be hauling a 700lb 4 wheeler around all summer. My plan is to buy a couple 2x12s to park the wheeler on while its in the bed, that should take quite a bit of pressure off the gate.
  14. Rust Experts needed

    Some of you people should try living in the rust belt 🙄🙄🙄
  15. Why Does the Tacoma Dominate the Off-Road Pickup Segment?

    It was my understanding that it was a mix of poor metal and having the cats too close to the frame/not shielded enough. The cats would more or less overheat the frame and the constant heat cycling every time it got driven over time more or less weakened that area, leading to it rotting through...
  16. Anyone consider a V8 swap yet?

    Considering & actually HAVING the capital and or skills to do such a thing are two COMPLETELY different things lol. I've CONSIDERED having a supermodel girlfriend before, however... we come back around to having the required capital and skills 😋
  17. Traxda 1 and 2 inch leveling kits

    Mmmmm.... it IS true. Spring spacers add pre-load to reduce the amount of sag a suspension has. Reducing sag, especially from a factory amount, WILL reduce ride quality.. unless your driving on a road smooth enough to not require much.. or any.. suspension extention. Preload also doesnt stiffen...
  18. Why do I always spend more than I need to?

    Why spend more than needed? Simple... because you can always make more money!
  19. Traxda 1 and 2 inch leveling kits

    & if its installed under the top place, its going to really affect the ride of the truck, unlike the "traditional" strut spacer. Stupid design.
  20. Downpipe only?

    Your best bet for spooly sounds without the 4cyl noise would be some sort of cold air intake.