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  1. My 2021 Ranger with 1620 miles sits on side of road waiting for tow truck!

    Or as I saw in a movie once - if it’s yellow let it mellow if it’s brown flush it down. Oh. That may not apply. Good luck with this issue and keep us posted!
  2. What did you do to make her mad?

    Wife know I’m saving up points (and cash) to get the performance pack. Wouldn’t say anything I’ve bought has received the side eye but when a bunch came in when I first got the truck she was like WTH is this? More stuff? Nothing big though so not upset just more of a head shaking and “you’re...
  3. How many points to get performance pack?

    Have the Ford visa and wanted to know if anyone knew how many points it is to be able to cover the cost of the performance pack?
  4. Found scratch this morning - how to fix?

    Not for this. Now I did hit a skunk several years ago and after 2-3 weeks of trying to get the smell out I cleaned it to look like new and used a deep air freshener where you close the doors and set AC on recirculate and set it off like a Raid bug bomb. Was good enough to trade it but skunks are...
  5. Found scratch this morning - how to fix?

    Yeah I read enough early on that the aeroskin ii was purchased early in the game along with the bushwhacker rocker panel protectors.
  6. Found scratch this morning - how to fix?

    That’s me as well. My impatience can definitely get the best of me at times too and I know this will require exactly that.
  7. Found scratch this morning - how to fix?

    Didn’t lick finger. Wanted to make sure it was a scratch. I’ll look into touch up paint and probably get someone to do it that won’t screw it up (ie has experience). I am an electronics guy so I’m gonna stay in my lane when it comes to paint repair :like:
  8. Found scratch this morning - how to fix?

    Don’t have four wheel drive. Do have FX2 so at least have diff locker. however, I am familiar with doing a full send. The year was 1992 and I went off roading with my 1986 Hyundai. Didn’t get stuck but knew not to stop. I was a dumb kid lol
  9. Found scratch this morning - how to fix?

    So will say that I wasn’t happy about this and am not sure of the best way to fix it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Apologies on the 90 degree counterclockwise rotation.
  10. Overheat Conditions, Headgasket Failures, "Short Block" Replacement

    Why they aren’t doing the long block for round two is beyond me. I know there’s a process to follow but maybe a call to corporate will help.
  11. Here comes more competition for the Ranger

    Funny you mention the Baja. We have a friend that has a Baja and refuses to get rid of it. I’m betting that the Maverick and Santa Cruz will get a similar following and honestly I think the Maverick more so but I am biased.
  12. Went To The Dealership Today.... LOCKDOWN!

    Love Wendover’s videos. He’s got several that are A+
  13. Horrible customer service from AVS

    I just ordered mine from either Levittown or the like with no issues
  14. Cross bed Tool boxes?

    I have the same $250 Craftsman one from Lowe’s that another mentioned. As mentioned, the bolts are crap. I bought two 2-pack mounts from Tractor Supply. They are like the eBay ones without the waiting. The thing originally only came with two bolts so 4 is better :-) Also, I adjusted the lock...
  15. Holes in your Ranger rocker panels?

    I put on the Bushwhacker rocker cover things about two months or so after I got it so I’m guessing mine being a 20 are plugged…and covered. Almost sounds like I’m ordering hash browns at Waffle House.
  16. No Sunroof on 2022?

    Mine was a 2017 so outside of that class action. I also had a rock about a half inch in diameter come up from a semi in a nice arc and smack it lol. Did I mention that I was in the next lane over and at probably a 20 degree angle to the semi? Was definitely a freak event.
  17. ODB2 Scan Tool - Amazon Prime Day

    They had a deal going last November and I got a $26 coupon off of whatever the price was on the cable. Ended up being $33.95.
  18. Sport to Park @ 45mph, why on earth is there no lockout?!

    It certainly shouldn’t do that. Never tried to do so nor will I. Definitely not a cause, but owner-to-owner, I would like to add that making sure you adhere to break-in recommendations in the manual is a good idea. Others may have more info than I do on the why part.
  19. If Buying Today, Would You Still Buy the Ranger?

    Yeah I think Ford is gonna have a hit on their hands with the Maverick