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  1. Excessive oil in exhaust?

    I just put some cardboard down to catch all the drippins to use for a marinade later.
  2. Excessive oil in exhaust?

    True story, I was trying to diagnose a phantom low coolant light on another car of mine so I bought that blue fluid and the pump and I thought maybe I'll just smell the exhaust from 6 inches away to see if it smells sweet.. BIG mistake. Almost like the time I smelled the nozzle on a can of...
  3. Excessive oil in exhaust?

    No worries mate. That is just soot. The inside of the tips will eventually just be black. Clean them out with a rag at each wash and theyll stay cleanish for a few days.
  4. Anyone hit the magic 100k mileage yet?

    I bought my truck March 24th with 8mi on it. Currently at 9,250. If I have my truck 5 years from now, I'll definitely be pushing 100-110k miles at that time. I aim to keep my vehicles 200k or 10 years, whichever comes first. No major issues besides a little engine knock :wink:
  5. Brakes

    I have the same thing and I've seen it somewhere else on this forum at one point or another. It's a little annoying but seems normal. I blame it on having to cross my leg over the center line of my body to press the brake pedal and on my scrawny legs lol.
  6. 2022 Nissan Frontier

    Stay away from the Frontiers y'all! You might have the most reliable midsize truck, but your phallus will shrink to nigh imperceptible size!
  7. 2022 Nissan Frontier

    I wouldn't pay MSRP for either. Just too expensive either way. I bought my 2021 301A XLT 4x4 with bedliner, ELD, tow package for 32.5 grand in late march so for me, prices are going to have to come back down before I make any purchases. I'm willing to pay a few more grand for a nicer truck like...
  8. Ranger to Frontier?

    @GregsFX2Ranger Appreciate the feedback Greg. Haven't had the chance to drive one yet. What did you think of the seats and seating position? How was the steering wheel/column position relative to the ranger? One thing that's drives me nuts with the ranger is how far left the brake pedal is. Not...
  9. Seat Quality...WTF???!!!

    It's just a cheapo material. Mine have 9k on them and I can already see where the seat bottom is going to tear open. It is what it is. For isolated areas like yours, that bandaid thing seems like it'll work well. Nice solution.
  10. Remembering 911 20 Years Later

    I was a wry 10 year old and don't believe I grasped what had happened at the time. I'd never heard of terrorism or alqaeda. A few years later on a trip to West Point, we went to ground zero and by that time I understood what I was looking at. It's interesting to stare into the memorial and look...
  11. Official Ford Next Gen Range Video

    If you look very closely, theres a sticker on the back that reads "LHD engineering prototype" 🥚
  12. Locking rear end?

    No button, no rear locker. You would be able to determine if the truck has the locker by looking at the window sticker. Some trucks have the button but no locker.
  13. Official Ford Next Gen Range Video

    If the reports are right, the take rate for manual broncos is 25% and they also have a 10sp so maybe Ford is listening. At least there would now be parts available for a potential swap way down the road.
  14. Official Ford Next Gen Range Video

    Speculation is that a ranger raptor will be available stateside and also that several power train options will be available. What I'm REALLY hoping for is a manual trans. The ranger has been my only auto and I'm genuinely wishing it was manual.
  15. Official Ford Next Gen Range Video

    I'll definitely be test driving one to see if I want to trade my 5G in. Twin turbski V6 sounds pretty appetizing. Hopefully they solved the issues with the vibes.
  16. Anyone hit the magic 100k mileage yet?

    It's definitely gonna go EcoBoom!!
  17. 2022 Nissan Frontier

    I'm still keeping my eye open for these. Searching daily. I haven't actually seen one in the lot yet but dealers are mostly advertising pricing at MSRP. If Nissan expects people to pay MSRP for these things, they will probably get a lot of people telling them to eff off unless they are just...
  18. Tis But a Scratch

    Two of my best friends, who happen to be brothers, did the exact same thing to their vehicles in parking lots. Insurance fixed my buddies truck, the other became one of many battle scars.. lol.
  19. A lifted Tremor

    A more eloquent way to help that style grow on you is to yell the colloquialism, "Yeeeyeeeeeeeee" toward the owner when you see that type of mod. I've been doing that and eating tons of friend rice and my 22x10 et -15 wheels are finally en route from ebay. Just did the 40 inch lift.
  20. 2019 XLT FX4 - Clunk on Stop and Acceleration

    Thanks for the tip on the screwdriver thing. The boot kit from Ford is on backorder so I haven't even attempted this for fear I will have to use a zip-tie which would get flagged somehow on an inspection. Now I just have to make friends with these Atlanta roaches while I get under my truck.. lol