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  1. What engine fan on 2.3

    I think the high RPM startup has something to do with emissions. It helps to heat the catalytic converter and burn off the raw fuel from startup. My Mustang does the same thing.
  2. Fox 2.0 suspension kit on washboard roads

    Yes, I know that airing down helps. Sometimes though, it's not worth doing that for the few miles on the washboard.
  3. Fox 2.0 suspension kit on washboard roads

    Thanks for the info.
  4. Fox 2.0 suspension kit on washboard roads

    Does anyone with the standard Fox 2.0 or Ford Fox 2.0 kit have experience with them on washboard roads? If so, how did it perform? Much of my off road excursions are in the desert southwest where you can sometimes encounter a few miles of these roads at a time. The stock suspension is horrible...
  5. Looking at moving to a 255/75/17. Am I on the right track?

    I'm a fan of the KO2's, but I believe the DuraTrac has phenomenal reviews for snow traction. KO2's not so much. People either like them or hate them for snow.
  6. Off-road trip full of surprises

    Otay Truck Trail was the first excursion for my truck last year soon after I brought it home. It allowed my to try out some of the more technical side trails to see how well it climbed some of the real rocky tougher stuff. I was fairly impressed. It's easy to lose track of where you are at with...
  7. Anyone thinking of running a Sasquatch wheel on their Ranger?

    Frenchy, I don't think you are comprehending what I'm saying... lol. Those are not beadlocks you see on that wheel. They are beauty rings. Though the Bronco Sasquatch wheel is beadlock capable, you have to purchase those separately. It was pointed out in post #5 of the thread where a Bronco...
  8. Anyone thinking of running a Sasquatch wheel on their Ranger?

    No, those are the beauty rings on the wheel pictured. They need to be removed in order to use Ford's beadlock kit which must be purchased separately. This kit here is and example.
  9. Anyone thinking of running a Sasquatch wheel on their Ranger?

    I think these are a great looking wheel. From my understanding, you can remove the beauty rings and powder coat them any color you want. In addition, the +30 offset is ideal and they are hub centric. Only question would be if you could swat center caps. I'm going to keep my eye on the used...
  10. Weird downshifting behavior (4th to 3rd)

    I was going to start a thread on this exact topic. You are not imagining things. Downshifting from 4th gear to 3rd gear does cause the truck to temporarily speed up. It drives me nuts. I live on hill that is just steep enough that 4th gear will hold speed at approximately 30-35 MPH when off the...
  11. Brake Job Terribleness!

    Wow... I'm glad you were able to find rotors! T his has me thinking I need to check my pads. I've noticed just recently that I'm getting a very low speed shudder or grabbing sensation when coming to a stop. It occurs at less than 5 MPH. I will be changing the oil and doing a tire rotation in...
  12. Be careful changing your wiper blades.

    That just sucks :explode: I really think that the glass on these Rangers are more prone to cracks. I've had two cracks in my windshield. Both were from very small pebbles when traveling around 40 MPH. I'm now debating paying my $250 glass deductible to have it replaced. I almost did it for the...
  13. Body lifts

    I've been on this forum for a couple years now and I haven't seen anyone ask about a body lift before. The only talk on here is about suspension leveling kits or full suspension lifts. Body lifts just aren't that common anymore for a variety of reasons.
  14. Smallest Fender Flares

    The Tremor fender flares add about 1/2" I believe.
  15. Scab Ordering Rear Seat Delete ?

    Here in the States the rear seat delete was only available for the XL models. I'm not sure about Canada though.
  16. New Ford Merchandise

    These are nice shirts, but why do they have to ruin the look with a front pocket? People quit using front pockets to carry cigarettes long ago.
  17. 245/75/17

    There were a couple of people who posted images of 245/75R17's installed, but I believe that was about it. There were not any comments about ride or performance that I remember.
  18. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    Thanks, I was just reading that! The Sasquatch wheels are a 17x8.5 +30 offset. They will fit perfectly with a 2" lift and tires.
  19. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    Interesting. Is the Sasquatch offset more positive than +55?
  20. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    I think the wheels would look good on my Ranger - if they fit?