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  1. Help me understand Tires, LT vs P?

    I know I'm bringing a very old thread too life but... did you feel like the 275/65 18 is too heavy for the Ranger? This is my concern right now, I'm eyeing up a 285/65 18 K02 with a 10 ply rating.
  2. Question regarding 275/70 R18+FP 2.0 kit

    No not yet, I cant bring myself to throw away almost brand new tires(current stock set). Ive been eyeing these though. Mickey Thompson | Deegan 38™ All Terrain ( I also am leaning towards 285/ 65 18 now and make them fit(install aftermarket crash bars and trim wheel...
  3. 2019 XLT FX4 - Clunk on Stop and Acceleration

    This thread made me so mad. Ford is a joke when it comes to servicing their vehicles.
  4. Are engine enhancing oil additives a gimmick?

    I agree with all the replies on it being snake oil. That being said years back my Mazda 626(220,000 miles) was sputtering/acting up, I sprayed seafoam in the air intake and it did a noticeable job with smoothing out the engine. I would say on a car that's new and doesn't have a lot of miles...
  5. 23K market adjustment?

    Check out liftedtrucksaz It's literally their entire business strategy.
  6. Chirp Engine Noise

    That sounds like a belt to me.
  7. Did I cheap on out the XLT?

    I love my lariat. Has everything I wanted. Buy once, cry once.
  8. What I did today.

    That’s pretty sweet, I like the matching chrome you have going on with this build.
  9. Best Wheels for a White Truck

    I have a white with some chrome and that makes things even harder. I really like those that Trigganometry just put in the post above but idk with the chrome I have. I’m leaning on keeping my stocks rims also and throwing on 285 65 r18’s when I wear the rubber down on my current set. I’m also...
  10. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Nice when I do it I’m 99% set on 285/65 18
  11. Vinyl Wrapping The Ranger

    Are the fenders and bumper from APG? Very nice truck, eventually would love for my build to become similar! lol and I don’t even think I can call mine a “build”…. Yet
  12. Is your truck the same?

    Have you tried 91-93 gas? There are many mixed opinions but I can tell you this: My ranger runs better overall with the 91+ gas. I can’t put my finger on it, just overall more smooth. I honestly believe the engineers kinda tuned it for the 91+ gas. This is 100% my opinion I don’t have stats or...
  13. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I can’t resist…. Tire size? And did you have to remove anything to make them fit? I’m very close to pulling the trigger on bigger rubber for mine, just trying to get all the info I can! Lol.
  14. Front end dives - what to do ?

    Ford Performance Fox 2.0 kit. One of the best mods you can do for this truck. It almost levels the front, better handling, better off-road performance ect. I spent about 2k on the equipment and install.
  15. Anyone know what this is?

    Sometimes you just gotta let the sheep carry on… And sometimes you gotta exchange humility for knowledge. Thanks
  16. Anyone know what this is?

    Any ideas what this connection is? Is it stock?
  17. First time offroad with the fx4 report

    I went from FX4 to Ford Performance Fox 2.0 kit. The difference is night and day on trails and washboard roads.