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  1. Actual bed measurement help needed

    That is really damn nice!
  2. Old Man EMU

    That was always a possibility knowing the travel in the OME Springs was longer than the Fox shock. It would have been fine except for hitting that patch of road on I90 at 80mph.
  3. Old Man EMU

    I guess I should update my experience with the OME rear springs. FPP Fox shocks worked until I hit some bumps on I90 at 80mph and fully extended the suspension. I believe I wrecked my rear shocks from those whoopdedoos. Turns at hwy speeds became scary, like the truck was going to tip. It was...
  4. Old Man EMU

    Try replacing just the rear shocks with Fox, Eibach or Bilsteins. That will do wonders curing many of your complaints with the FX4 handling.
  5. Ranger sightings rare in US

    I see Rangers all the time. On my drive to my brother's house, where I'm about to embark on a mooch-docking adventure, I probably see 7 or 8 in that 45 minute drive. I've been driving the speed limit since I got my GoFast Campter (ironic, no?) and am getting passed by 2 or 3 new Rangers each...
  6. How do you carry 12' or longer lumber with the 5' bed on the Ranger?

    Nothing grinds my gears more than a portrait mode video. WTF, my eyes are side by side, not stacked on top of one another.
  7. SHOW ME YOUR RTT!!!!!!

    Just got back from our 7700 mile trip to see the West and get my GoFast camper. Picking up the camper at Go Fast in Bozeman Campsite at the Selway Falls River in ID. Met a young man on a Rafting trip from Portland ME there. Spent a night in the Charles M Russell Wildlife Refuge area in MT...
  8. Went To The Dealership Today.... LOCKDOWN!

    Actually, it did not. It came from an American, but American manufacturers ignored it and him. Japan took the idea post WW2 and ran with it.
  9. Suspension/shocks or tires first

    edited my post for clarity
  10. Suspension/shocks or tires first

    It looks fine.... legs are over-rated (j/k) Ford Performance Shocks and OME Springs on stock 18" and the list continues... OP, quick, delete your account
  11. Not satisfied with fox 2.0 lift - options after install

    put anythuing in the bed, your headlights will be pointing skyward
  12. Anyone squatting a Ranger yet?

    Do we need to post the truck gang video again?
  13. My experience with Stage 3

    I got my missing bushings overnighted to me. Not sure how they got missed, it was even on the packing list, but still not in the box. No way they would have fit in the box they sent, regardless.
  14. Larry Miller Ford (Mesa, Az)

    $400 to $450 is pretty standard on the FPP kit. I paid under $2k for everything
  15. EV's... Rolling Blackouts in 115 F. Heat

    Check out Will Prowse's videos on YouTube.
  16. EV's... Rolling Blackouts in 115 F. Heat

    you mean like burning coal and oil to power electric generation plants that feed the grid with inefficient AC that needs to be converted to DC to power your "green" vehicle? Yeah, that sounds better. For the record, the US is a net exporter of petroleum products. Over 50% of the oil in this...
  17. Nope, not supposed to look like that!!

    I will have some take offs soon you can have.
  18. Sport to Park @ 45mph, why on earth is there no lockout?!

    you can pu tit in reverse going 60 MPH and it lights up the backup camera. Just don't put it into park.
  19. Old Man EMU

    Sent them an email, I knew it was going too well
  20. Old Man EMU

    Sonofa biscuit! I didn't get a bushing kit with my springs.