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  1. Anyone hit the magic 100k mileage yet?

    80k on mine with no issues .. changed plugs at 60k, oil changes as the computer tells me, still on factory brakes .. only issue I have had is drivers heated seat quit but other than that it’s been a great truck

    After the maverick gets released they’ll be hyping the new ranger, as new products come to market Ford generates a lot of buzz and news articles to get people interested
  3. Is Ford Cursed?

    Ahh yes, auto racks being run on the head end of a mixed freight train lol .. this isn’t the first time auto racks have been derailed due to position in train won’t be the last since lessons are never learned
  4. Very angry at entitled careless idiots

    Just take it to a paintless dent repair specialist .. I had a very similar dent in mine and they fixed it back to good .. you will be surprised what they can fix
  5. Heat and Turbo Lag Issues?

    I wouldn’t worry, I’m sure Ford has tested very thoroughly at high ambient air temps .. the trucks computer is very smart, the lack of power in the unusually hot conditions is more than likely some type of thermal management to protect the engine to live a long life .. motor on and don’t sweat it
  6. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed: $20k MSRP, 40MPG, Hybrid Standard

    Interesting note it has nearly 2.5” of extra legroom in the second row .. 34.5” for the ranger to 36.9” for the maverick
  7. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed: $20k MSRP, 40MPG, Hybrid Standard

    This is a game changer type vehicle, nearly 40mpg out of the hybrid with seating for 5 and a bed to carry stuff .. you could cross shop and Honda Civic and just about any other entry level car with the 20k starting price .. with as many bronco sports I see on the road they’ll be 4 times as many...

    I’m from eastern ky and may be interested .. I’ll pm you
  9. High milage Ranger...

    Lol my commute dropped in half so he will catch me very quickly now .. that’s a race I don’t want any part of lol
  10. High milage Ranger...

    Lol, they’re trucks on autotrader with more miles than mine .. trucks get used that’s for sure
  11. High milage Ranger...

    Took delivery little over a year ago and I’m at 35,475
  12. How many miles do you have now?

    I think it was March 1st .. I’ve been working a temporary job location for the last few months so the miles are accumulating quickly .. 600-700 weekly
  13. How many miles do you have now?

    I’m up to 24k now .. still doing great
  14. 2019 Ford Ranger Reviews Compilation

    The ranger is competitive for the mid size segment, is it all new or revolutionary? No, but it’s very competitive for today’s market .. I’m sure the next gen ranger will fix almost all the issues he has with it but that doesn’t make the current truck bad in any way .. the center stack is without...
  15. How is towing with '19 Ranger vs Tundra?

    I have a can ͏am x3 and it pulls it like it’s not even there .. I say go for it
  16. 2019 Ranger Achieves the Best Monthly Sales of the Year, Sold 7,893 in July

    I think ranger will peak at 10k units a month, Ford just don’t seem that interested in selling high volume .. I truly believe they don’t want to eat into f150 sales but I could be wrong .. it’s kind of nice to not see a ranger on every driveway like a f150 lol
  17. How many miles do you have now?

    16,200 on mine as of now
  18. Who's Ordering a 2020 Ranger? What Changes Will It Get?

    I’m starting to see rangers pop up at a surprising rate around my area .. I went from never seeing any to probably seeing 3-5 a day now on my drive to work .. I believe they’ll start selling a lot more now inventory is building up
  19. Wow... never noticed that before

    Yeah the paint on mine has some garbage and defects in it that I wished wasn’t there .. I had a bigger problem with the factory stamping of the body panels, I’ve been to a paintless dent repair man twice over spots in the doors that wasnt perfect
  20. Odometer shots

    I’ll get the odometer when it hits 14k lol