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  1. Tremor Owners and Orders Lounge

    Wasn't the Ranger in the color your getting?
  2. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Benny, I’d like to order Red Tow Hooks, part #M-18954-RA. Could you provide a code? Thank you in advance,
  3. Tremor Owners and Orders Lounge

    I absolutely love it. People slow down to get a look. Still smiling and love driving her. I also love cleaning, waxing and detailing her. Have fun and enjoy
  4. Ranger bed lighting options

    I plan to follow the attached video with some modifications. I was the light to come on when the hitch opens, and turns off when I close it. I also want a kill switch when I don't want to attract bugs.
  5. If Buying Today, Would You Still Buy the Ranger?

    The ranger is the best all around mid size truck. The Ranger's 4cyl engine simply out preforms. The ranger's towing, ride, payload, off road, and gas mileage just made this the best overall truck. The other trucks may beat the Ranger in one area or the other, but overall the Ranger is just a...
  6. Tremor Owners and Orders Lounge

    I know, I love it. However, the dealer quoted almost $1500 vs. the $750 from the factory.
  7. Ranger Outsold Colorado and Gladiator in Q1

    Too many Toca Moms....
  8. Tremor Owners and Orders Lounge

    Yea, I wanted badly originally. The dealers I dealt with had no information regarding the decals. All that was communicated was that they were optional part of the package. No where was it an option, or communication regarding additional cost. I couldn't get dealers to even check on it...
  9. Cleaning Tremor Seats

    How are you cleaning your seats, and what chemicals are you using? I want to ensure that I don't damage the leather cleaning the suede, or hurt suede when I condition the leather.
  10. 1st issue...

    I would rather find problems 3k during the break in period, vs. after 36k when the basic warranty is over. I expect it find items on their dime right away.
  11. Best Bang for your Buck Upgrades for the Ranger

    True, but a Tremor is advertised as 19/19. So, I have really happy to get 21/24 now. It likes 65 to 70 mph. So fast enough, and I enjoy driving it. Love when Tacos stop to check her out.
  12. Picked up my tremor.

    My Termor is to heavy to pickup. You guys must be wicked strong.
  13. Catalytic converter Anti-theft

    Same here. Just having fun.
  14. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Evil LMAO...... It is a fantastic way to remove car wax off plastic. Even better than most chemicals.
  15. Catalytic converter Anti-theft

    How old are you? LOL
  16. Catalytic converter Anti-theft

    I am from St. Louis. St. Louis has become the next Detroit. Crime and poverty is killing the city. Good luck.
  17. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Enough Said!!! Awesome!!!
  18. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    More small goodies coming, but these came in.
  19. Tremor Owners and Orders Lounge

    Makes me want to throw down the 1k for ceramic coating. Really sweet.
  20. Mishimoto Catch Can

    Will the catch can affect the truck's warranty?