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  1. Topper Shell

    427 days after initial deposit, I finally got my GFC. 3 hours later the first sticker went on. If I were to do it again, I'd go with a different camper because of the horrible service
  2. Start/Stop ... Just stopped?

    Ha good one @BlackRanger01 because it stops the engine at most inopportune time. like parking. pull into a parking spot, engine shuts off then starts back up when I shift into park and off again when I turn the power off. or come up to red light to make quick right turn. the engine was off for...
  3. Global multi leaf rear spring, anybody know spring design?

    my ass end bounces around like democrat presidential hopefuls and I have permanent 500 pounds extra in the back
  4. Global multi leaf rear spring, anybody know spring design? googling the part number JB3C-5560-TC looks like it came from the older transit? anybody look into US transit springs for when this supply runs out? I want stiffer more solid back end and this seems the way to go but funds at...
  5. Ranger to Frontier?

    or go to and check out that story. I won't get into my personal experiences with nissan and how bad my frontier was or the versa i had for month before it was kicked to the curb
  6. Seat Quality...WTF???!!!

    Bumper to bumper but you are probably waaaay past that
  7. Seat Quality...WTF???!!!

    don't use a seat belt. problem solved. or is it the damper rubbing and you are trying to cover it up by blaming the seat belt? like blaming the dog... :crazy: 🐶
  8. Actual bed measurement help needed

    that is slick. I love the bungee struts to hold open the top. What did you use for the swing out boxes? the hinges look like they came from the manufactured boxes?
  9. Official Ford Next Gen Range Video

    I don't want to. I'm happy with my chunk of land and a whole house for probably what rent is for a year
  10. Ohio $40 Aluminium Tool Box It has outdoor carpet glued inside to keep the noise down, couple dents and dings, 1 key and 2 mounting bolts included. it is mostly clean but not shinny. I'm on the east side of Cleveland 44124
  11. Official Ford Next Gen Range Video

    turn off sport trac-or whatever it's called- by holding down the slip control buton for 5 seconds and the light flashes on on the dash. I can drift no problem but I drive like an ass sometimes because there isn't anywhere to drive in horrible Oahu traffic. that's what I don't miss from that...
  12. Official Ford Next Gen Range Video

    does it come with a damper?
  13. How bad is this scratch?

    time to trade in for a new unmolested truck that was wasn't used for truck things and doesn't look like it may have been used for truck things. this is what I have cut to fit the bed and cover the tailgate. touch it up with a pen and protect your paint...
  14. Global multi leaf rear spring, anybody know spring design?

    my guess is they didn't want the extra payload and maybe cut into F150 sales?
  15. How to reset PX3 Ranger oil life?

    check in the owner's manual? or use the steering wheel buttons to find the "truck info", hit "ok" ,find the "oil life" and hold down "ok" button until it resets. at least that's the US version
  16. Off-road trip full of surprises

    must have been rough having maple glazed tim hortons and coffee with the mountys. just kidding. your buddys are dicks but I would have done the same to you and made you sweat for a minute THEN straighten it out
  17. 4Lo how fast?

    ditto and it's great the ranger can shift while moving. you see a bad spot coming up and click into 4WD. I feel too many people rely on 4WD and have no actual skills at driving off road. hence, 4LO on gravel or dirt roads. I remember to olden days when 4WD was rare on trucks and 2WD no locker...
  18. Mileage When Ordered Truck Arrived

    12 and 7 were from my test drive
  19. Could this have damaged my front Dif?

    yep that's what they tell us but it's only as accurate as the dipstick scanning barcodes
  20. How fast have you driven in your Ranger?

    i was pulled over for 55 in a 35. all I got was "be safe" thanks officer have a great day