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  1. Canada S. Ontario - Mishimoto CAI

    Would be a great deal but already have an MBRP system!
  2. Canada S. Ontario - Mishimoto CAI

    Very tempting as I’ve been considering a CAI and you’re not too far away. I’ve spent too much of my fun money lately though so not sure the timing is going to work out!
  3. P0496 EVAP System High Purge Flow

    I think it likely depends on the dealer and your relationship with them. I just have the basic warranty and they covered it but if it happens again it's on me.
  4. MBRP exhaust install and now strange noises

    My kit had a hanger that touched the frame rail too. Quick cut with the angle grinder and it hasn’t been an issue again in over a year.
  5. P0496 EVAP System High Purge Flow

    No they didn’t, the dealership looked after it.
  6. Tremor Mud Flaps

    Check out this thread, I have a few pictures in there.
  7. P0496 EVAP System High Purge Flow

    Mine is also Krown, done in October 2019 & 2020. Sounds like the same issue!
  8. Hello fellow Ranger fans!

    Welcome! Good looking truck.
  9. Matching Wheel Width to Tire Width?

    I‘m running a 265/70R17 on a 9” rim with no issues.
  10. Tremor Mud Flaps

    There‘s a guy on one of the 5G Facebook groups that just posted in the last day or two with a Tremor and RokBlokz... he said they fit just fine with no modifications required.
  11. Tremor Mud Flaps

    You’ll like them. I’ve had a set coming up on 2 years and stone chips are minimal on my truck but I did space them out another 5/8”.
  12. Dirty fuel tank vacuum sensor?

    That‘s exactly right, it measures atmospheric pressure to compare. I had the same codes and the dealer did the same thing, tried to clean but it didn’t fix the problem. They just replaced the tank pressure sensor/line this week and all is well. They did it under warranty and told me to make...
  13. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Had my tires balanced today, all four were out of balance. It was much smoother on the drive home!
  14. P0496 EVAP System High Purge Flow

    I don’t get on here much any more, but just thought I better stop by and give an update. After the light came on the second time I made an appointment about a week away. The weekend before the appointment I had the truck out and the light went out, so I cancelled the appointment. A week...
  15. P0496 EVAP System High Purge Flow

    Hope there was more to it then that, they did reference a TSB that matches the original code and that a PCM update is required. I've never heard anything bad about this dealership so will give them another shot!
  16. P0496 EVAP System High Purge Flow

    I spoke too soon, the light came back on the next day with a P0451 code. Going back to the dealer Monday!
  17. P0496 EVAP System High Purge Flow

    Simple fix. I took the truck in yesterday, all that was required was a PCM update and all is good!
  18. Sure is lonely up here eh?

    Been quite a few years since I’ve been in there but my Dad and Uncle have bought stuff there over the years and it was always a good place to deal with back then. I don’t get up that way much but was just by there a week or so ago to pick up some pizza at The Old Garage in Walkerton!
  19. P0496 EVAP System High Purge Flow

    Thanks Phil, I’ll try searching that way. I don’t mind getting the dealer involved... just a pain as there isn’t one in my town, the town I work in or in between. I booked it in for next Wednesday so we will see what they find!
  20. P0496 EVAP System High Purge Flow

    Has anyone had this code come up before? My check engine light came on about three weeks ago with it, so I reset it and drove on. It came on again this past weekend with the same code so I guess I will have to give the dealer a call. Just curious if it’s something common or not, nothing...