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  1. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    I was waiting for one of my liberal buddies to bitch about 2A sanctuary counties to bitch about how you can't make your own laws so I can point to the sanctuary city bs.
  2. Tier 1 Gasoline

    When you tak about subsidies on gas....remember the federal government collects 18.4 cents per gallon sold. My state (Ohio) collects 38.5 cents per gallon. Do they receive a larger subsidy than the gov collects off the excise tax? If not the gov is a net earner off just allowing the product to...
  3. SuperCab Love

    That's the truck I would have preferred but no white trucks were in stock. Now just swap the wheels for black wheels an it will have the look I was going for.
  4. Tier 1 Gasoline

    You can't force a move to technology that isn't available or practical yet. When the tech is available, reliable an affordable it will happen without a push from big government because it will be self sustaining. I couldn't go all electric if I wanted to, my condo building parking doesn't/ can't...
  5. Ford Moving toward Build-to-Order, Away from Packed Dealer Lots

    The only add on my truck had from the dealer was the plastic drop in bed liner for around $400. I would have argued the item an price but I was getting $6100 in incentives but had to take delivery out of dealer stock. When they first hit the lots a few rangers got the sports bar/rack, bed...
  6. Tier 1 Gasoline

    Not nearly as much as green energy
  7. Ford Moving toward Build-to-Order, Away from Packed Dealer Lots

    I think when most people get "new car fever" they want it now. I'd like to know what percentage of sales are ordered. I've bought close to 20 new cars an never ordered one.
  8. Tier 1 Gasoline

    I thought the article from Cornell was pretty convincing. The positives for ethanol in small percentages is it helps clean internal parts an adds octane. In E85 form it's like high octane racing fuel but a lot less efficient, requiring 20-25% more to achieve the same yield an in seasonal...
  9. Ford Moving toward Build-to-Order, Away from Packed Dealer Lots

    My friend ordered a new Dodge 3500. it was over 90K an it took so long he was pi$$ed the 2022's came out an his was a 2021. Then it arrived without 3 options he checked but the dealership failed to transfer over from the form he filled out to the online order they do. He refused it an ordered a...
  10. Ford Moving toward Build-to-Order, Away from Packed Dealer Lots

    I think it may shift to a half order half lot inventory model. Too many purchases are impulse buys. I stopped in for an oil change for my fusion. Walked around the lot an drove a new ranger home. Then there's the people that need a car in a hurry. An accident takes out their current car or it...
  11. Tier 1 Gasoline

    I've heard this as well, mainly do to the fact you have to ship in in containers. Since it absorbs moisture it can't be transported in pipelines. Run a gallon of E85 an a gallon of regular an you won't get anywhere near the mileage so you have to factor the loss of energy production too.
  12. Paid off my Ranger!

    given my decision making history I'd probably finance the truck an use the cash to buy the Coyote conversion! Smart move on your part.
  13. SuperCab rear seat measurements

    My granddaughter is 9 an she asked me to move the front seat up a little an she's avg size for her age. My 11 hear old grandson didn't complain. since your wife is petite (like my daughter) I assume your kid will fit for 6 years ok. Shaq's kids, probably not.
  14. 5.0 powered ranger raptor

    The price "should" come down as the popularity grows an the parts supporting the swap increase in availability. here's a comparison an this swap has been around a while. looks like a 6.4L hemi is 10K more an a hellcat swap is 59K
  15. 5.0 powered ranger raptor

    I want it I want it I want it You can't have it!
  16. DIY Redneck running boards

    Saw this parked in my condo lot today. To be fair it did have a real metal one on the passenger side. I didn't know pvc pipe was so though.
  17. SuperCab Love

    I've used the full bed 3 times an carried an adult in the back 1 time so looks like the supercab was the right choice lol
  18. bridgestone 255/65R17 premature worn?

    I rotated mine once lol. I'm not worried about it because I want to put 265/70's on it
  19. Lightbar Install & Feeding Switch Through Firewall

    I used the wire tool too. I went through the grommet around the mail wire loom under the fusebox
  20. bridgestone 255/65R17 premature worn?

    I just hit 20K an they have a lot of life left on my ranger. I ran 32 PSI in them.