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  1. "Lighting Zones Explained" Video Series

    Unfortunately no, we do not have a means to link our OnX6 bars at this time.
  2. "Lighting Zones Explained" Video Series

    If you have Pros with a Spot Lens in the fog location, then I recommend the S1 in wide cornering, angled outward if you want a low -profile but great output light for ditch/corner lighting. If you prefer something larger, but similar output, then the Squadron Sport in W/C lens would be a great...
  3. "Lighting Zones Explained" Video Series

    Nothing wrong with just having the Pros in your fog pocket. If you are not trying to add too many lights, the Pros will give you very good illumination in Zones 1-3. Nothing beats dedicated cornering lights, but if you are keeping things tame, one pair of Pros is a very good option.
  4. "Lighting Zones Explained" Video Series

    Hey Ranger enthusiasts, we wanted to share with you all our new Baja Designs "Lighting Zone" video series. We know the needs of every off-roader and their vehicles are different, so our team here at Baja Designs has created a Lighting Zone system to help you mix and match the right products...
  5. Ideas and Option for Auxiliary Driving Lights?

    Yes indeed. If you enter the promo code "BDforums" at checkout you will receive 10% off your order.
  6. S2 Work/Scene New Lens Product Update!

    Unfortunately we do not have a quick cover change solution for the FLush Mount bezel. You can certianly change the lens to any of the colors we have available - white, yellow, red, blue. However that is definitely more of a semi permanent solution.
  7. Ideas and Option for Auxiliary Driving Lights?

    You rang? Hehe. How can I help? It looks like you are the right track :)
  8. S2 Work/Scene New Lens Product Update!

    We sure do. We sell a series of flush mount lights and a few reverse kits here - The last two option on that page have everything you need to install and wire these into a bumper, bed side, trailer panel, etc.
  9. Baja Designs General Discussion Thread (Pics, Info, More!) - *Discount Code Included*

    Hey guys - Just wanted to share a brief announcement. Temporary LED Change Wednesday, February 17, 2021 Due to a global pandemic Baja Designs has experienced an increased scarcity of LEDs in our tightly controlled temperature range. This shortage affects our OnX6+, LP6, LP4, XL80, Squadron...
  10. S2 Work/Scene New Lens Product Update!

    Hey everyone, we here at Baja Designs wanted to drop in and let you know about our latest product update. Both the S2 Pro and S2 Sport work/scene lights received an update. As of now if you order an S2 work/scene in white or amber it will no longer come with work scene reflectors. We’ve been...
  11. Baja Designs LP4 or Squadron Pros?

    Typically when you put lights on the A-pillar location, it's for two reasons. Either a ditch light (pointed 45 degrees from the A-pillar) or a spot light (pointed straight over the hood). I'm not sure if you've ever experienced glare on the hood before, but it can be very annoying and even...
  12. Baja Designs LP4 or Squadron Pros?

    Hi DrewKD88, The LP series is really efficient because of the 200 degree spread it provides. But to best utilize it's features is for the lights to be mounted in front of a vehicle. It's not recommended to mount an LP4/LP6/LP9 on an A-pillar mount because the IPTs will actually shine into the...
  13. Amber or White Fog Lights

    Hi Keith, It just depends on what you plan to see on a daily basis and what you designate the lights for. Amber is going to be beneficial for poor conditions such as snow, rain, dust, and fog. This color temperature actually cuts through the dense air particles rather than reflect and blind...
  14. Baja Designs General Discussion Thread (Pics, Info, More!) - *Discount Code Included*

    Upfront Pricing Know the cost before you buy. Convenient Scheduling Schedule your appointment once the product ships. You can easily reschedule or cancel anytime. Total Happiness Guarantee When you purchase your product using the Buy It Installed® Button, you’ll receive installation service...
  15. Install advice for Baja Designs Fog Lamp Kit

    Hi ACon99, Sorry to see you had some hurdles during the install of the fog pocket kit. We appreciate your insight and taking the time to share your thoughts. I reviewed the instructions and saw that our model ranger didn't have the crash bars in the pictures. I spoke to our engineering team...
  16. Baja Designs | Introducing the NEW XL Linkable!

    Currently Available for Jeep JK, Polaris RZR, and Can-AM X3, with Additional Vehicle Specific Kits to Follow. Vehicle Specific Part Numbers Jeep JK | 44-7099 8 XL Sports MSRP: $2,099.95 Can-Am X3 | 44-7080 7 XL Sports MSRP: $1,724.95 Polaris RZR Pro XP | 44-7081 6 XL Sports MSRP: $1,474.95...
  17. Baja Designs General Discussion Thread (Pics, Info, More!) - *Discount Code Included*

    Protect Your Investment With Security Hardware!
  18. Light Bars??

    Looking good! :like:
  19. Baja Designs General Discussion Thread (Pics, Info, More!) - *Discount Code Included*

    In this video we demonstrate “uService” which is a feature we offer on our forward projecting light line of product. If you’re looking to change a pattern or color this is for you! Changing lenses is extremely easy to do and allows you to get the most out of your lights for dynamic situations!
  20. Baja Designs General Discussion Thread (Pics, Info, More!) - *Discount Code Included*

    COVID-19 Notice: March 19th, 2020 CA State Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a "stay home order" to all California residents. Baja Designs has temporarily paused most operations until further notice from the State. Select departments will continue to work from home and can be reached through...