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  1. Turbo Whistle

    I drove a 1967 deuce and a half in 2nd Id back in 89. Loved it.
  2. Should my console gear selector illuminate at night? 2020 Lariat

    i think ford should have kept it lit up AND included a marker there to show what gear you are in. why? Personally, when i park, i put trans in neutral first, then apply parking brake, then go into park. i am just used to seeing that indicated where i am shifting. I can train myself...
  3. 265/60R18 cooper discoverer AT3's as a replacement for stock hancocks.

    Yeah, all reviews seem good on these at3-4s tires. it's what my local guy can get and i wanted to beat the august 1st price increases as i will need them for the fall/winter.
  4. 265/60R18 cooper discoverer AT3's as a replacement for stock hancocks.

    My local tire guy can get me a good deal on these OTD- cheaper than tire rack. I just need/want the 3 peak mountain symbol for my weekend mountain driving. i've had coopers before on a CUV and had no complaints. seems like these should get me where i want to go- i don't want or need heavier...
  5. Bucking while driving.

    As an experiment I laid into herin sport mode from a stop and got to 60 pretty quick and every shift was smooth and perfect. Perhaps these just don't like easy driving? And it is humid here but not crazy. And not too hot- mid 70s. Mountains.
  6. Bucking while driving.

    Have noticed a sort of bucking while driving. Doesn't matter in sport mode or drive. But if my foots on the gas it seems to do it. I tried driving it with sport mode and shifting gears and zero issues. Only seems to do it when it shifts on its own. Seems like it's either shifting then bucking...
  7. how to get new keys made if you don't have a key code that supposedly comes with the keys when new.

    Just an update. I ordered another fob and another sunny key with chip. Had my locksmith cut them- charged me 10$- and I was able to program them using one original and one that he made 2 weeks ago or so. Now I have 6 admin keys. Lolol. And they all start the truck.
  8. Weight of factory wheels

    i personally think the weight is only important when it comes to not giving ford ammo to say your heavy tires/wheels caused a failure. So that means to me sticking with a size and type of tire they supply or downsizing and playing with the wheels some. In my case, if i go down to 17's, i will...
  9. hankook tire sidewall issue? anybody else?

    i hope you are kidding. Look at the band. it's perfect in alot of places and that's not going to happen with curb rash. and look at the letters. and look in between the letters. i little observation goes a long long way.
  10. hankook tire sidewall issue? anybody else?

    the discoloration in my case is a white band perfectly around the letters. something in that band is either migrating out or the black covering the white band is thin and tire ddressing covers it somehow. Not sure. No amount of scrubbing seems to remove it. dressing seems to cover it. somehow.
  11. hankook tire sidewall issue? anybody else?

    i think my 2 biggest factors on wanting to replace these are: 1) winter weather performance-i need a tire that is severe snow rated and i won't/don't want to swap to winter tires every season but i need a tire that can deal with snow/ice in mountains when i go. which is alot. 2) discoloration...
  12. Duratrac 265/60R18 thoughts?

    Thinking about changing out to duratracs on my oem 18" wheels. They check all the boxes for me for snow rated and looks. One thing that's unknown to me is the sidewall rating. It's an sl load but that doesn't seem to equate to number of plys. Does anyone know how the sidewalls are on this size...
  13. hankook tire sidewall issue? anybody else?

    It's normal. They all do that. What dealer says. Lol.
  14. going to 16" wheel? 17"? from 18"

    Front what I read and how I understand it, + offset leads to the tire being further away from the hub which means more wheel bearing wear. Negative offset is closer to hub. So u r 55mm closer to hub than stock and I guess that would be easier for bearings? So my 35mm is 20mm further away from...
  15. going to 16" wheel? 17"? from 18"

    So I think I settled in the LT265/65r17. The only issue is getting a wheel with same offset as stock, which is 55mm based on my research. Closest I got was 35mm on tire rack. As I understand things that will bring the wheels and tires out 20mm towards the drivers side curb. This worries me...
  16. Changing 18" oem to a 17" setup

    so i see that those run about qnother inch bigger in diameter and a tad more circumference. i don't want ford saying the tires caused a failure and i don't want the tires causing a failure in wheel bearings/drive train. anyone running these here?
  17. how to get new keys made if you don't have a key code that supposedly comes with the keys when new.

    yeah, 29$ seems way too much per key but it seems they get what they want. it takes literally 1-2 minutes a key. where i got mine cut, i literally was only asked to pay 10$ to cut 3 keys we had brought to the guy. 10$. I ended up giving him $40 for the three cuts and he was shocked. i am...
  18. Bump at stop and acceleration?

    I think the slip joint is the problem or 1 part of the problem, BUT the dealer just isn't using the right grease OR not cleaning things properly before doing so OR there is another component of the issue that is being ignored. Laziness reigns supreme at dealers IMHO. This sort of bump/thump is...
  19. Here comes more competition for the Ranger

    i would seriously consider the sant cruz- or any awd hyundai with decent ground clearance- due to their fantastic warranty. i've owned hyundais before and they are solid. if they came out with a real 4x4 competitor to wrangler/bronco I would be all over it for a 2nd daily driver.