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  1. Old Man Modification

    as one who climbs in/out of the bed multiple times per day, this is on my wish list
  2. Is my ProCal just a brick in a box?

    that screen is always up , i flashed mine to stock the day before a service visit and that screen was on mine as well in stock form. also the procal said locked i am sure it is locked to the VIN once the voucher is used to downlaod the tune to it.
  3. Ford may start shipping incomplete vehicles to dealers, let them finish up.

    was at my dealer today for an oil change most of their lot was empty and they only had 2 new rangers for sale so it makes sense. give the dealer an incentive for storage until the modules arrive.
  4. Fox 2.0 rear shock install notes

    its doable without jacking the rear up, I did my fox 2.0 rears in a parking lot, I just removed the spare and use a cheap ratchet strap to compress the shock since I was working at a bad angle. I still get the side to side rocking but going over bumps at speed is more controlled on the rear...
  5. Ford Performance Tune - Update

    I would suggest to do most of the install yourself up to the point of flashing the updated tune to the truck, let the dealer do that, if you choose to have the dealer install, that way the voucher # and Account are registered to you and not the dealer and you can update the tuner in the future...

    what's the best way to apply it with a foam pad or micro fiber pad or does it matter?
  7. Oil change

    7500 miles which is generally 4.5 - 5 months for me
  8. What tires to run?!

    Any regrets with this tire so far? these are the ones I am looking to get in a few months
  9. R5GSSWC hereby created. Seeking Officer nominations.

    Special High Intensity Training required? lol 😁
  10. INGOT SILVER Ranger Club Thread

    If I had your level and tires my truck would be your twin. I have the same grille. I am waiting for my stock tires to wear out before doing bigger tires and level will most likely do both at the same time, which level did you go with?
  11. Report your MPG

    @ 28K miles now getting 24 Highway 22 Mixed and 20 City with the FPP 91+ tune.
  12. Sell to Dealer for Close to MSRP?? OR Keep it and Mod??

    just tell them you have to sweep the manure out first.... works every time
  13. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I resealed the bulkhead seal on my leer tonneau cover, had started to leak; lets see if the tropical storm causes any leaks lol 😁
  14. South Florida

    I'm in Clearwater, starting to see more Rangers in Pinellas
  15. The Fast Lane Truck: I Drove a Lifted Ford Ranger Over 1,500 MILES with a Trailer, and You Won't Believe the MPG!

    Hope he hand calculated the mileage in OEM form my cluster was constantly 2-3 MPG higher than the actual MPG hand calculated, I corrected it so its closer now.
  16. Question for the gang

    Sell it and go rent a uhaul pickup for 20 bucks when you need to.
  17. New version of Truxport

    that will leak, my leer is the same way but the flap sits on the outside I bought some neoprene foam to seal the top of the bulk head I just haven't had a chance to install it it.
  18. CACTUS GREY Ranger Club Thread

    Dealer was Ferman Ford In Clearwater , maybe they sold it or transfered it.
  19. Holes in your Ranger rocker panels?

    looks like the plugs were deleted on all of the '21s just from skimming the posts. maybe supplier issues, or ford being cheap by not installing parts
  20. CACTUS GREY Ranger Club Thread

    A local dealer has this gem listed lol