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  1. Ford News EV Bronco and Ranger

    So we taxpayers borrow $ 12,500 for each of us to buy an EV, then finance the remainder ourselves, rather than just financing the entire cost of the vehicle ourselves. I don’t see how this makes any sense. The original concept was to subsidize manufacturers to get quantity up to lower the costs...
  2. I'm getting my transmission rebuilt or replaced

    I saw a video where a guy dismantled the 10 speed transmission, to upgrade some parts. I had the impression if you get bored of being a nuclear scientist, you become a transmission over hauler guy. Looks super complicated. Seems like a no brainer to swap it out.
  3. I will keep my gas powered Ford Ranger until the wheels fall off.

    It’s very simple - if EVs were better than gasoline vehicles, then the government would not have to make the latter illegal or unaffordable. I really like the simplicity of the EVs. And 1 hour recharge or 1/2 partial recharge is great to alleviate worries about accidentally exhausting the...
  4. February 2021 Ford Ranger Sales

    Based on F150 sales being almost 10 times Ranger sales, I don’t see why Ford continues to manufacture the Ranger. Why keep another line, supply chain, service, warranty for another truck ? If even half those Ranger sales convert to F150, Ford would probably be way ahead.
  5. February 2021 Ford Ranger Sales

    Looks like Ford is having a rough start to 2021. Maybe it's been colder weather having an effect. I wonder if the other manufacturers are seeing falling sales numbers ?
  6. How often do you check your oil?

    I seem to have a difficult time checking my oil. I usually have oil all the way up the stick each time I attempt. Once in a while i get a discernible reading at the upper dot. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I did feel my oil level had risen once and got an early oil change. Thought I smelled...
  7. Beating other trucks from the line

    Has anyone purchased the Ford calibration tune for their Ranger ?
  8. Buying a Ranger? Check for the middle tie downs

    I bought the parts and installed them. I find the middle tie downs to be very useful when securing stuff. When I went into the dealership to pick up my license plates, I looked into a F-150 bed out of curiosity and it had eight tie down locations with only four populated. I don’t know if earlier...
  9. Fragile paint

    I agree, I do love the truck. I realize that at some point in the age of the truck I will break through the accumulated scratch threshold and no longer care about scratches. I look forward to reaching that time.
  10. Fragile paint

    Just leaning over the fender to clean the windshield wiper has caused small white scratches in my paint. I’ve never seen paint on a vehicle this fragile. It’s 2019 and Ford doesn’t know how to paint a vehicle. I really like my Ranger but the paint is very disappointing.
  11. This is the last time I take my truck to the dealer for service

    Part of the reason I bought a Ford Ranger is that I have a dealer very close to me. I got my oil changed there and the level was too high. I brought it back and they redid the oil change. Found it very disturbing that they can’t do sn oil change correctly. They said it was 0.3 quarts over. I...