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  1. Ford Pass Journeys

    I stopped logging my journeys, as I feel ford is watching a little too closely.
  2. Transmission Flush

    I've putt a coupled hundred km on it since. Shifting is fine. No 3-4 problem this morning Interesting to note, I have gear indication regardless of D or S. Must have done an update too?
  3. Transmission Flush

    just over $200 canadian
  4. Transmission Flush

    How much is they want for that Mach-E Mustang RP? it was $67K canadian
  5. Transmission Flush

    I decided to try it on my own. They offered a service A or B. The B included the filter change
  6. 3 months of ownership

    well until ford tells us they will pay us to look at some of these issues we arent doing anything thats the key right there you bought a product. its yours now. you bought it with some shortcomings, that were not put upon you maliciously. you should have done your research and due diligence. by...
  7. Transmission Flush

    dont know yet. i'll find out tomorrow.
  8. Transmission Flush

    So, Sent my truck in today for the Works. decided since i was still having the 3-4 cold shift problem and some odd shifts now and then that I would get them to do a transmission flush and filter change. I wanted to know a few things, transmission level, oil condition and if there was anything in...
  9. Road Debris - Ugh

    it was actually in the glove box of all places. i had screws if needed, but the golf tee was handy and easy to tap into the line.
  10. Ranger Ride

    as an industrial maintenance engineer, could you have at least made an effort to solve the problem through your edumification?
  11. Fender flares arrived with scratches all over, normal?

    My personal opinion...since I am a poser with no cred, I would want my flares in pristine show room condition, to match my lifestyle. However, if I was a backwoods hillbilly thrashing through the skeg, I wouldnt care how they look now, cuz they ain't gettin any better
  12. Some good news today

    Well, I got my fix i mean. Got to see it, touch it, drool a little. The dealerships owner drives this one. It is for sale. He says he literally can't go anywhere and not be stopped by gawkers, lookers, dreamers and tire kickers. It looks really nice in person.
  13. Some good news today

    I got mine. I'm good now.
  14. Road Debris - Ugh

    i cut the line off flush jammed the golf tee into it, then did two folds of the line. the folds greatly reduce the pressure the golf tee had to hold back. i filled with borrowed brake fluid and it held up
  15. Best Wheels for a White Truck

    with all these rules, the fun is gone I'm out.
  16. Road Debris - Ugh

    thats sucks. reminds me of one trip i had to do into the gas fields of Alberta... Rental Dodge Ram, and a tent trailer. got a flat on the trailer. put on the spare. drove a bit and the lugs came loose. tightened again and drive a few more km. got another flat. left the trailer and continued...
  17. Bucking/Surging Epidemic

    its not an issue. its by design. they sought best fuel economy shift strategies
  18. Peeling roof rails

    many threads on this already most have been successful with warranty replacements
  19. Goodbye and good luck

    what happens when you drive more than you are now? it wasnt clear up further, but did you say you only drive to work once a week for about a 100 miles weekly? and thats the $5-10 per week increase? when i went from my F150 down to the Ranger, the drive i was doing me save me $8/day. (40 a week...
  20. is it possible for an aftermarket exhaust to affect the turbo?

    im going to go the opposite direction here and totally blame the exhaust if you want proof, send it to me and i'll install it and show you the sound appears out of nowhere on mine too