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  1. How about some Jokes

    I think they should also add a pictogram or an emoji so that they could better grasp the warning. Or spray the box with Right Guard underarm deodorant. (We had a dog and got him one of those food dishes that had a spot for a 2 liter bottle to constantly provide water. He would always chew up...
  2. How about some Jokes

  3. DIY Redneck running boards

    Ahhm lifted with big tars! I kin drive thru thayat!
  4. engine cover and FX4 package

    While this may be partially true, I'm betting the cost cutting is the main reason. Along with the bed tie downs, shifter bezel illumination, folding headrests, etc, I'll bet Ford is saving $20 of their cost per Ranger
  5. Did I cheap on out the XLT?

    I thought it but didn't say it... 🤪
  6. Did I cheap on out the XLT?

    Not really a competition, just different strokes for different folks. This is nothing. You should hear the Wrangler guys when someone has anything less than a Rubicon. A friend of mine bought a Rubicon and I asked her how she liked the swaybar disconnects and lockers and such. Blank stare...
  7. Did I cheap on out the XLT?

    I purposely got the XLT as I disliked the Lariat gauge cluster. I have other vehicles with push button start and I can take it or leave it. As mentioned, the only thing I wish I had from the Lariat is the headlights, and from what I've read the aftermarket versions are better than the stock...
  8. Road Debris - Ugh

    Dang, but don't that look great? Part of me says I'd love to have one, the other part of me remembers owning an actual AMC built product (1979 CJ7) and it tempers the desire a bit. Even in the pic I can see the misaligned door. But Jeep has made some great looking rigs. Always makes me think...
  9. Road Debris - Ugh

    Aside from the flat tires, great looking truck! Road hazard insurance? That really sucks, but on the bright side at least you didn't get any body damage. I once saw a car run over one of the recap truck tire carcasses and it destroyed the fender.
  10. Best Wheels for a White Truck

    Oops about breaking the rules. I can't seem to avoid it. Sometimes I find myself being an unintentional scofflaw, especially when a box shows up and my wife says, "You didn't order something else for that truck did you?" 😇
  11. Best Wheels for a White Truck

    The Magnetic Sports are my favorite stock wheel. With that said, I'm partial to bronze on white trucks.
  12. How about some Jokes

    And that's really a picture of him, her, Vance
  13. How about some Jokes

    I'm still not sure.
  14. Winch Capable Front Bumper

    Looks great! Did you use the Shrockworks ACC relocation bracket or someone else's?
  15. Sync 3 v3.4 Build 21098

    Quick question for those on 20282 or 20351: If you're using an iPhone and CarPlay, can you select a recent Music playlist while moving or are they grayed out when the vehicle is in motion? One of the updates installed this "feature" and it drives me bats every time I encounter it. I just want...
  16. Tune vs Sport - Objective Performance Data

    And most certainly reproductive harm.